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Barbara Iuliano: A Career of Life Coaching for Other Life Coaches!

How Yoga Teacher Training Called Gila Shire to Serve Pregnant Women

Life Coaching Corner: The Art of "Easing Up" & Living Beyond Fear!

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Why Certain Yoga Poses Make You Cry

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Meet Sharon Rose --The Holistic Lifestyle Coach Offering Lasting Change

Cameo Rose--Serving Beautiful Bowls to Beautiful Souls!

Healing Footstep to Footstep – #SWIHA Graduate Releases Book – April 25, 2017

Achieve Business Success by Adding an Extra Shot of Confidence to Your Morning Routine

Being authentic! Follow your heart!  Just like Melissa Corter has done!

Getting Comfortable In the Uncomfortable: The Healing Work of Toe Reading

Soul-Seeing, Soul Capsules, & Sole Reading

Blown Away by Toe Reading – Set On My Destined Path

Life Coaching – On the Spot -- with Elaine Glass

Transformational Toe Readings Tell You the Truth

Bringing Healing Through Wellness Photography

It Started With An Earnest Question . . . .

Finding Courage and Gratitude Within Criticism

Underactive Thyroid, Overactive Heart: Great Graduate Serving Her Community

Holistic Living Brings Me Closer to Spirit

Openhearted Work Through the Toes & Into the Soul

Finding Self-Love and Self-Compassion Through the Healing Arts

Openhearted Work as an Intuitive Guide and Ordained Minister

Raising the Vibration of the Universe, One Soul at a Time

Life Coaching for the Courage to Shift

Rediscovering the Authentic Self Through Life Coaching

Coaching to Put the Best Self Forward with A Transformational Action Plan

Life Coaching Mirror Image: The Coach is the Client & the Client is the Coach!

Coaching Women to Embrace Their Power Within

6 Tools Every Life Coach Needs In Their Tool Box

SWIHA Offers a Unique Experience in the Life Coaching Program

Liberating Souls with Life Coaching and Music

Life Coach Turns Anger Into a Motivational Tool in Her Own Journey

Holistic Entrepreneur Guides Her Life Coaching Clients Out of the Past & Into the Present

An Inspiring Tale of a Life Coach's Journey to Peace

Life Coach Comes Full Circle To Teach at SWIHA

A Holistic Trifecta: Yoga with Life Coaching & Polarity

An Introspective Life Coach Makes a Difference in her Community

Authenticity Coaching: Awakening Your Intrinsic Gifts and Passions

A Holistic Awakening After the Military

Embracing the Power of Life Coaching

Passions Fueled With Life Coaching: Being a Witness to the Transformations of Others

Powerhouse Life Coach Guides Clients into a REAL 'Plan-of-Action'

A Spiritual Life Coach Creates A Hirable Community of Holistic Healing

Follow Your Bliss With Transformational Life Coaching

The Joy-Full Coach

Holistic Healing Through Life Coaching and Self-Love

SWIHA's Life Coaching Program is Life Changing!

The Rewarding Work of Life Coaching

Becoming a Transformational Life Coach for the Healing of Others

Spiritual Minister Coaches With Angels

From Computer Science to Holistic Entrepreneur

A Cancer Survivor Takes Her Life Coaching Out Into The World

Holistic Coaching for Women in Corporate America

Mindfulness Coaching and Living

Bringing Holistic Healing to Tempe High Schoolers

Be Well, Be Happy Life Coach Speaks On Holistic Living

Staying Protected With Reiki and Guides

Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching for Women, Mother, & Child

Sugar in the Raw: Facts, Effects, & Reward

Weaving Massage & Polarity into a Basket of Holistic Health

The Sacred Sound of Music

Living Holistically on a Spiritual Adventure!

The Vegan’s Pantry

To Heaven and Back To Serve as a Spiritual Minister

The Prosperity Blend: Aromatherapy to Shift Your Finances

2nd Annual Red, White, & Blue Friday 2016 Takes Place At Swiha

Living Between The Veils: Feel It, Own It, Release It

Treat Stress with Holistic Medicine

Encouraging Others to Be Soulistically Happy

Conscious Comedy: Egos Are Like Farts

Serving Others and Committing to a Vibrant Life Through Healing Arts

The FAST TRACK to Self-Discovery is YOGA – Especially with Laura McKinzie

Blessed and Blissed on a Holistic Health Journey: A Survivor’s Story

Roasted Roots: Sweet, Rich, & Holistically Nutritious!

Opening Doors of Wellness Through Mind-Body Transformations

Three Yoga Poses to Love Before Coffee

Helping Others Create Open Minded Lives

Learn Holistic Support for Detoxing Your Body

Healing The Body Through Herbalism & Nutrition

Polarity: Crystals and Stones For Studying

When Willingness Creates the Life You Want

S.O.U.L Nutrition: Autumn Spiced Cider Recipe

It’s Never Too Late: Fulling Dreams Across A Century

Yogic Breathing For Both On & Off the Mat

Being Soul-fish: Feeding Her Soul First, To Help Others

Self-Life Coaching: From Harvest to Hibernate

“Georgia’s Journey”: Staying Grounded As An Aesthetics Practitioner

3 Essential Oils For Back To School

She Empowers & Heals with Reiki, Herbalism, Nutrition, & Hypnotherapy!

NOW is the Time to Begin the Practice of . . . . .

Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur?

Leading the Way and Finding Your True Self Through Yoga & Meditation

Holistic Nutrition: Learn to Heal Yourself With Food

The Power of Healing Arts: Sister Saturn and Momma, Too featuring Tiff DeLancy

Dream Interpretation: Random or Hidden Meaning?

Mind & Body Transformation: Finding Inner Peace Locally and Globally

Discover Self-Awareness in the Asanas

Pain, Be Gong! The Art of Vibrational Healing and Yoga

Is Your Mind Full or Are You Mindful? Discover the Power of Mindfulness

Exploring Her Greatest Potential Through Writing, Yoga & Massage

Hypnosis: The Power Of Living In a Childlike State Of Mind

Awakening the Mind & Body: Dream It, Imagine It, BE It!

The Beginner’s Holistic Guide: 3 Tips to Whole Food Nutrition

Bee-coming a Butterfly: The Power of Transformation

Angels in My Hair: A Lesson in Belief and Faith

Using Hypnotherapy & Western Herbalism to Create Drug-Free Alternatives For Health & Wellness

Sharing In Her Peace Through Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy

Chamomile Calendula Healing Salve Recipe from Western Herbalism

Yoga Teacher Training: Doing Her Own Thing; Her Own Way; Her Own Style

Five Steps to Connecting the Mind, Body & Spirit through Breath

Celebrate the Father YOU Chose, Or How to Celebrate the Dad Who May Have Loved You Inadequately

From Acne to A Career of Passion Serving Others

Making Your Dreams and Visions Come True

Keeping Life Positive with Yoga & Life Coaching:  In the Now and Moving Forward

Using Self-Care to Transform Your Life.

Self-Discovery, Clearing & Healing Through Yoga and Yoga Nidra

Transforming Lives Through Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and Mindfulness

Top 5 Reasons a Massage Career Can Help You Create a Life You Love.

Jessica Wilton: Sharing the Healing Benefits of Yoga with Children, Families, and Adults

Life Coaching: An Introduction By Kylie Marshall, SWIHA Mind-Body Transformational Psychology student

Antonieta Hensley: Standing Strong in Her Message as a Yoga Teacher and Hypnotherapist

My First Saguaro Floral Essence By Kathy Koziol, SWIHA Yoga Therapist Graduate

Gisele Marasca-Vargas: Starting From Scratch to Starting a Business

Ann Sherman- Caretaker, Nurturer, and Natural Beauty Advocate

Reflexology ~ Ancient Foundations and Modern Applications

Gratitude Challenge by Bill Gisclair-Sullivan, SWIHA Mind-Body Transformational Psychology Graduate

Tom Kreienbrink ~ From the Air Force to SWIHA

Attitudes Are Contagious By Jasmine Kearns, SWIHA student of Mind-Body Transformational Psychology

Mark Flory ~ From mid-life crisis to finding a "full-filling" mission

Have No Fear by Quentin McCain aka Coach Q

First-hand experience with the Medicine Wheel Class by Anthony Scarpulla

Lindsey Gemme: Helping Women Feel Whole Again

Flower Essences: How to Get Started – Guest Post by Alise Holland

Marci DeBord: Serving Mind, Body, Soul, & Spirit

Think Outside the Shapes by Guest Blogger + Yoga Teacher Erica Vucich

Susan White – Great Energy Creates a Great Life!

10 Signs That Indicate YOU are An Empath - by SWIHA Graduate Laura Wilkinson

Zoey Greco – a combination of a mermaid, a hippie, and a gypsy

Hypnotherapy Causes True Self-Love ~ by Guest Blogger Tami Sharp

Nancy Santana ~ Living in a State of Gratitude

Give Yourself Permission: Tips from Great Graduate Suzie Emiliozzi

Sarah Peters: Finding Zen

Chandler Dentist finds healing from SWIHA graduate

No Perfect Parents ~ A perfect niche for Sarah Senst to claim as a Life Coach

Kristin Apodaca – Using Her Mind-Body Transformational Psychology Degree To Bring Healing To Others

StevieAnne Petitt: Lightening Up Enlightenment

Jennifer Csajko: Helping Others Discover Love As A Life Coach

Glenda Bokamper: Walking Her Path in Reflexology

Paul Smith: Finds Purpose Through Massage, Coaching, Ministering & More

Taran Emmert: Healing Through Sound and Touch

Ravynn Rohner: Willing to Sit in the Seat of the Teacher

Keta Baker: Divinely placed breadcrumbs lead to Life Coaching

Adam Ramirez: Guiding Others To Healing From Within

Alise Holland: Merchant of Hope

Ayesha Dalton: Passionate about Beauty and Service

Parul Agrawal: Creating Health and Wellness Worldwide

Jessica Ireland: Creating “Fertile” Grounds Through Healing

Maria Kalamas: The Happy Healthy Coach

Cameo Wilson: Transforming Herself and Urban Farming

Kathy Koziol: Magical Mala Mama

Tami Sharp – An Unshakable Force

Do It Scared

Tiesha Lamb: Working Her Skin Magic!

9 Ways to Create Mental Clarity

Talibah Young Veverly: Tapping Into the Soul of Healing

Are YOU on the Pathway to Wealth?

Layne Nyberg ~ One sweet sugar mama!

Courtney Long: An Angel in Disguise!

Nickole Swensen: Healing Lives from the Inside Out!

Welcome home Shelley Tom: Her Life’s Work has been as a “Labor of Love”

StevieAnne Petitt: 1:7 Ratio for Perfect Social Media Posts

Tarah Hunter & Lacey Storm: Two GreatGraduates, Sweeter than Sugar!

Chrystal Kubis - Five Top Tips for SWIHA Grads & Holistic Entrepreneurs

Alexis Holland: Wild Soul, Open Heart, Sounding Out Her Dreams

9 Ways to Overcome Creative Blocks

Laura Moore - Touching Hearts, Healing Souls

Celebrate Your Critics – Claim Your Truth

How Big Is Your WHY?

Own Your Power and Share Your Shine

Moving Through the Muck: How Centering Your Chakras Can Center Your Life!

Re-connect and remember … #GreatGraduate Laurel Hernandez affirms that Spirit works in mysterious ways!

Christa Rimmer – Making Sense of the Shifts and Giggles of Life

The Greater the Struggle, the More Glorious the Triumph - By Will Zecco

What is Whole Food Cooking? Easy Recipe Included

Mary Abeyta serves as an instrument, not an ego, in the peace and healing of others.

Dare to Dream

Adrian Ealy: SWIHA Yoga Teacher Training & Massage Practitioner Graduate: Impacting His Community through Healing From the Heart

Sandy Flores – SWIHA Online Holistic Nutrition and Hypnotherapy Graduate: Shares Healing and Hope to Her World

Holistic Entrepreneurship: Living Your Purpose

Massage Therapist William Mauzerall: Listening With His Hands and His Heart

Finding Purpose in Life

Business Osteoporosis: "Hardening of the Attitudes"

A Wandering Mystic’s Ministry of Compassion

Nine Tips to Help You Get Ready, Get Set, and GO into Business

SWIHA Graduates use Hypnotherapy to Help Banner Estrella Patients Heal

Diving In! How to go from an Employee to an Entrepreneur

5 Easy Tips to Make a Tasty Green Smoothie

Produce yourself by saying Yes!

Giving You the Good Stuff: SWIHA Great Graduate Thrives with Natural Skincare Business

Embodying a Full Time Career as a Massage Therapist

Holistic Nutrition: A Fresh Approach to Lifelong Health

A Space to Breathe and Heal

Serving the Community through the Window Within

How to Think Like a Publisher

(Almost) Unbelievable! Multimillionaire Entrepreneur and Angel-investor May McCarthy is one of us...

Creating a Balanced Approach to Wellness

Five Relaxation Tips for Better Sleep

Happy, Healthy, and Whole: Hotchickpea Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coaching

Helping Others Achieve their Best Self, One Facial at a Time

Intuitive Eating Guided Visualization: Childhood Eating Memories?

A Bigger Life to Live with Heart

Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle: Five Ways to Make Healthier Nutrition Choices

Following her "hART": Great Graduate Lisa Hecke's Road to Entrepreneurship

B-I-T-E Into a Healthy Lifestyle

SWIHA Great Graduate Helps Raise Awareness through Upcoming NeoTribal Event

Seeking Serenity in the Southwest

From Small Business Owner to Spa Director: Great Graduate Jorinda Nardone

Experience Three Healthy Snacks in Honor of National Nutrition Month

Life Coaching - The Journey Inward and Forward

Plans Change ~ Go with What Allows you to Live in Joy!

The Not So Sweet Truth about Sugar

A Fresh Start to Health and Nutrition

The Science of Skinny

All Aspects of the Art of Health

A Journey from Pain to Empowerment

Whole Food Culinary Tip: Mise en Place & Make Your Own Veggie Burger

Core Strength Vinyasa: Foundation. Core. Expression.

We Plan, and the Universe Laughs . . .

Detoxing: A Recipe for Health!

Helping People Find their Vibe: Yoga Graduate Opens a Thriving Yoga Studio

Melanie Albert, Passionate Nutrition Coach and Intuitive Chef

The Alchemy of Becoming a Holistic Entrepreneur

Why Yoga Alliance?

Helping People Transform with Intuitive Life Coaching

Cooking and Eating Intuitively in 2015!

What is this ‘overwhelming urgency’ I feel in my Life?

Recovery Foods for the Holiday Season

From Holistic Healing to Spirituality and Stress Relief: How a SWIHA Graduate Healed and Helps Others

Clear Away the Clutter and Complete New Year’s Resolutions through Hypnotherapy

Holiday Spice and Everything Nice

Discover if Massage Therapy is the Career for You

The ‘Reverend Fairy Godmother’ of Fountain Hills Spreads Hope and Support throughout the Community

Five Tips for Massage Therapists when Working with an Elderly Client

Giving Food and Love to the Homeless Community

Tasty Tips to Spice Up Vegetables


Pumpkins: A Holiday Superfood!

Massage your Tired ‘Black Friday’ Legs to Avoid Varicose Veins

Organically Manifesting a Dream: How a SWIHA Graduate Launched Her Business

Relieving Holiday Stress with Natural Foods

One Point Connecting Two Worlds

Nutritional Food For Thought

Getting Motivated on Mondays!

Don’t Dim Your Light!

The Power of Aromatherapy

The Perks of Plant Protein With Two Quick & Easy Organic Lentil Soup Recipes

The Skin-ny on a Career as an Aesthetician

Four Facts About Reflexology

Running Fearlessly Forward Into the Future

Yoga Instructors Help Others Experience Mind and Body Benefits

Experiment With Green Tea & Matcha

Be a Life Coach – The Power of Personal Transformation

Eat Omega-3s Today with 2 Simple Wild Alaskan Salmon Recipes

Stress Relief Through Hypnotherapy and Meditation

Being Fearless: Tapping Into Your Heart

Why We Need Carbohydrates

Aromatherapy for Healing Pain

Loving Yourself, First and Foremost

The Coffee Conundrum: Benefits of Coffee Consumption

6 Culinary Tips to Enjoy Whole Food S.O.U.L. Food with 2 Simple Recipes

The Healing Powers Of Holistic Wellness

Buy Local, Eat Healthier: Shop at Farmers’ Markets

5 Things to Know About Pregnancy Massage

Holistic Entrepreneurship: Living Your Purpose

My Journey to Self Confidence through Teaching Yoga

Top 5 Healthy Dessert Ideas: Tasty Recipes Included

Fibromyalgia Massage

The Benefits of Infant Massage

Trusting Your Intuition

The Vegetarian Way of Eating: Easy Recipe Included

7 Ways to Reduce Stress through Mindfulness

The Vegan Way: Easy Recipe Included

Trusting the Process

Yoga Nidra: Tapping Into Your Infinite Self

What is Whole Food Cooking? Easy Recipe Included

7 Health Benefits Of Massage

Signs Everywhere There Are Signs

Meet Great Graduate Tara Martineau

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