How Kayla Winger's Journey to Becoming a Massage Therapist Changed Her Life

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What was your life like before SWIHA? What led you to SWIHA and to your particular program of study? Why are you passionate about this modality?

Prior to choosing to attend SWIHA, I had actually been working at a massage studio at the front desk while I was in school working toward becoming a therapist or a counselor. After getting my degree, I worked as a psychiatric technician for about a year, until I realized I wanted more freedom in my everyday life. I wanted to spend more time with my daughter, and ultimately I wanted to find a more creative career path to support my desire to help other people heal! After a brief, deep internal battle of 'what others would think' or 'what I should be doing' (none of that matters anyway), I sat on my couch and laughed to myself at the realization that I COULD be a massage therapist and make great money doing so, all while creating my own schedule. At that moment, I decided I was going to sign up for the massage program and just go for it.. and I did.

Is there a “defining moment” you’d like to speak about? When did you know that you were on the right path?

I knew when I signed up for the program that I was on the right path.. all the hardships and roller coasters of life that led me there was clarity in itself. I just felt confident and certain in that decision. Something that felt synchronizing to me was on my very first day of school, during my 10-minute drive to the SWIHA campus, I saw 9 different sets of Angel numbers. Just another affirmation I was on the right path. As the program began, I was so lit up and excited by what I was learning from the hands-on work to the energetic modalities and even science classes. I remember being in my first polarity class and being mind-blown because I was being taught things in a classroom setting that I always knew to be true yet never could put into words. I don't know if there was ever an 'Aha' moment for me, instead, it all felt very aligned from start to finish. 

Has your life significantly changed? If so, how?

It feels like I have lived 10 different lives within the past year and a half. My life has done a complete 180 compared to where I was before beginning the massage program.

Many tangible things have changed like my career, where I live, my friends, etc. Mostly, I am more emotionally and spiritually in tune with myself, where I am, and where I'm going. Taking the leap of faith in a new direction and going into it not knowing where it would take me gave me confidence in my ability to do anything I set my mind to. 

What are you up to now—professionally and personally?

Professionally, I've been working really hard to build my own business the past few months, and I am officially in my own studio suite 3 days a week and working at an Elements Massage 2 days a week while I build my clientele! Personally, I'm just really slowing down and creating intentional relationships, doing things that light me and my inner child up, raising my beautiful daughter, and enjoying every second of it all.

If you own a business or private practice, tell us all about it! What inspired you to start your own business? What services do you offer? How do you powerfully impact clients? How are the skills you learned at SWIHA supporting your work?

My business name is State of Flow! I always knew I wanted to start my own business; I didn't think it would be so soon yet I'm happy it is. I currently offer massage therapy sessions to my clients which can include myotherapy, deep tissue, Swedish, reflexology, facial balancing massage, and prenatal massage. I strive to impact my clients through the power of touch and by truly meeting them where they're at each session, making them feel seen, heard, and safe. I always attribute SWIHA to my success so far because of the variety of modalities, techniques, and approaches I was taught in the program. I feel like it set me up as an LMT to really approach each massage in a unique and creative way, keeping it fresh and new each time.

What was the greatest lesson(s) you learned while at SWIHA?

I would say the greatest lesson I learned while at SWIHA is simply to trust myself, in every single way. Not everything is for you, although the things and people that are will stick. Trust my power, trust my gut feelings, trust my ability to do anything I desire.

If you could give advice to future SWIHA students, what would it be?

Come in with zero expectations, and be open and ready to engage with others on a deep level. Give yourself grace through the entire process. Oh, and if you're doing a massage program, start working on your clinic hours as soon as you can, even if you don't feel ready!

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