5 Things to Know About Pregnancy Massage

Posted by Dajon Ferrell on 9/30/14 6:32 AM

Pregnancy massage is a wonderful self-care tool that can be used during this special time. The wise woman sees massage as an integral part of her total prenatal care, addressing the many changes rather than a special treat! It is safe and effective. Pregnancy is a non-medical event; it is a natural process. If you have concerns about receiving massage as an expectant mother, have a conversation with your obstetrician.
I first took classes in pregnancy massage when my daughter was having her first child. I wanted to support my daughter, make her more comfortable, and create a warm, supportive environment for my grandson by providing pregnancy massage for his mother. It was a wonderful time for me to be able to be totally present for my daughter on the many levels. Touch is a way of connecting and developing deeper bonds. Research has shown that expectant mothers that receive massage during pregnancy are more likely to touch and bond with their babies.

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