Before vs. After: Marlena Gordon’s Life of Living with Intention

How Cheyenne Marshall Found Her Power & Purpose in Holding Space for Her Clients

April Avalos Honors Her Purpose in Helping Others through the Power of Hypnotherapy

How Living Big & On Purpose Transformed SWIHA Graduate Amanda Dodd’s Life

How Lourdes Menendez Accomplished Her Goals and Beyond with the Power of Intention

How Living with Intention Saved Robyn Flynn-Kosar Through Her Journey with Cancer

Spiritual Coach Sophia Duhon Finds Purpose in Helping Others Discover Their Own Personal & Spiritual Path

Life Coach, Anjana Nambissan, Spreads Self-Love and Magic to Her Clients

Anna Palechek’s Journey from ‘Just Existing’ to ‘Living Purposefully”

‘Divine Intervention’: SWIHA Staff Member, Joan Lloyd Collins, Shares Her Journey

Jessica Chapman Found Her Path as a Healer, One Mindful Step at a Time

Healing Addiction: Heather Vanek’s Journey to Health & Happiness

‘Living on Purpose’: Inspiration from Nicole Cooper

5 Ways to Spark Your Intentions for the New Year

The Legend of Santa

Holidays Are Not Always Merry & Bright

Being a Highly Sensitive Person

The Pathway to Forgiveness: SWIHA Student Blog Series

Thanksgiving Every Day in Someway

2 Vegan Soup Recipes to Keep You Warm & Cozy This Fall

Jenny McGee uses Holistic Nutrition Coaching to Heal the Mind, Body & Spirit

Reiki Master Patti Oskvarek Guides Her Clients to a Harmonious Work-Life Balance Through the Art of Reiki

How Spiritual Coach Sophia Duhon Helps Others Explore Their Modern Spirituality

How to Build the Holistic Career of Your Dreams with the Support of SWIHA’s Career Services Team

How Alexandria Taft Followed Her Heart to Help Others with Customized Coaching Sessions

Fall Festival at SWIHA: Yoga Classes, Sound Healing, Massage Championship, Local Vendors, and Kids Camp

5 Ways to Overcome the Plague of Comparison

How Suzanne Lucero Went From Hospice Nurse to Holistic Entrepreneur by Awakening People’s Hearts

30 Years and Thriving — It Takes a Village

From Chef to Health & Wellness Coach, Valerie Hahn Guides Others through Inner Transformations

Herbs & Migraines: A Simple Comparison

SWIHA Student, Lizzy Hemmerle aka The Feel Good Mother, Helps Others on Their Journey to ‘Feel-Good’ Living

How to Move Forward as an Entrepreneur When You Are Experiencing Self-Doubt

How a Love for Coffee & Yoga Fueled Holly Cavanaugh’s Entrepreneurial Dreams

How Medical Massage Therapist, Renae Valdes-Seago, Transforms Lives with the Healing Power of Touch

From Hobby to Career, Nikki Cordell Utilizes the Power of Yoga to Support Women Building Confidence

How Leah Morris Went From Being Unemployed to Starting Her Own Six-Figure, International Coaching Practice

Graduate Lourdes Silva Spreads Healing to the Hispanic and ASL Community

How Urban Farming Can Benefit the Health of Our Bodies and the Planet

The Drastic Change in Perspective in the Toe Reading Community

Why Rosie Aslanyan Chose Aesthetics as Her Second-Chance Career

3 Easy Steps to Find the Best Holistic Practitioner for Your Needs

How Ashlynn Finley Follows Her Heart’s Calling to Hold Space for Others on Their Healing Journey

From Dreams to Reality: How Rebecca Merrill Found the Courage to Go After Becoming a Health & Wellness Coach

The Making of a Yogi — The Incarnations of Will Zecco

A Life of Service: Khariah Clark’s Journey from the Air Force to the Yoga Studio

Mindset over Matter: How Jami Papenberg Followed Her Heart & Light

Looking in the Mirror: A Journey to Self-Love|SWIHA Student Blog Series

How Life Coach Jasmyn Camp Helps Parents Heal Generational Trauma

Kryss Huang Found Her Purpose in Serving Others with the Healing Power of Hypnotherapy

The Power of Inner-Knowing: Fran-Kay Moseley Helps Women Connect With Themselves

How Yoga Therapy Helps Coco Taylor Spread the Wisdom of Yoga to Others

Wrap up National Nutrition Month with Foods that Boost Your Immune System

Hypnotherapist Michelle Brown’s calling to Holistic Healing: A Journey of Overcoming

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with This Lucky Green Smoothie Recipe!

5 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Coffee

3 Holistic Ways to Boost Healthy Digestion

Happy National Peanut Cluster Day! Let’s Get Coo Coo for Goo Goo Clusters

5 Wellness Tips to Kick Start National Nutrition Month

Finding Your Sense of SELF through Self-Care: SWIHA Student Blog Series

Life Lessons Mario Jiannino Learned in Yoga Teacher Training

4 Daily Routines to Boost Energy & Creativity: SWIHA Student Blog Series

Happy National Cabbage Day! Celebrate with Sauerkraut & Kimchi Recipes

Yogic Breathing: It’s Not Just for Yoga

Desire: Valentines for the Soul – by KC Miller

5 Qualities of a Successful Wellness Entrepreneur

Why 2022 is the Best Time to Seek a Career as a Massage Therapist

Aromatherapy for Spiritual Healing: Create Your Own Energy Clearing Spray

Consider These 10 Ways to Utilize Journaling during Yoga Teacher Training

How Life Coach Kami Pollvogt Teaches Her Clients to Live with Intention

How Yoga Teacher Training Changed Eve Garifo-Morelli’s Life Path

5 Grounding Techniques to Cultivate Success & Self-Regulation

Do YOU — Meditation Done Differently

The Healing Power of Serving Others with Massage Therapist and Great Graduate Robert Pruett

The Yoga of Manifestation: Amrit Desai’s Visit to SWIHA

Welcome to the Spiritual Side of Tik Tok

5 Easy Steps to Manifest Your Goals for 2022 with a Vision Board

5 New Habits You Can Do To Start the New Year Right

Holiday Truce Making — Consider Silent N.I.G.H.T

Bring Your Loved Ones Together This Season with Sweet Holiday Recipes

How to Navigate From Your Comfort Zone to Your Growth Zone

A Holistic Approach to Navigating Separation: SWIHA Student Blog Series

Three Ways to Activate the Law of Attraction for Your New Year’s Resolutions

Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Coaching for Happy Heads & Hearts with Samantha Hart

Walking the Path with BearLee Essentials: SWIHA Student Blog Series

A Shower of G.R.A.T.I.T.U.D.E

SWIHA Student Blog: Finding The Pause

Finding the Balance in Life and Your Thanksgiving Meal

11:11 Make a Wish! Angel Numbers, Signs, and More

Take a Sip of Mindfulness with These Holiday Drink Recipes

Proof That Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching Is Exactly What You Are Looking For

How Intuitive Are You? Find Your Strongest Intuitive Skill/Clair

Feel Empowered to Thrive with Graduate Amanda Beatty

How Mercury Retrograde Affects Your Zodiac Sign

Postures of Consciousness — A Gateway into Meditation in Motion

SWIHA Student Blog: How Holistic Health Relates to Consumption

Demystifying Healthy Eating

My Day with Michael

5 Ways Gratitude Journaling Will Change Your Life for the Better

Beautiful Light Warrior Michelle Runnion Guides Others with Holistic Healing

Intuitive Coach Jessica Loupe Let Spirit Lead Her Path to SWIHA

How to Market Your Holistic Business on Social Media

Fresh, Easy, Homemade Chips, Salsa, & Guac for Summer Time

Candice Lee’s Free Spirit Creates Sacred, Transformational Space for Others

Creating Holistic Herbal Remedies: Suzanne O’Gara, Certified Herbalist

The Practice of Empathy: Holistically Healing Others in a Compassionate Way

Raw Vegan Apple Cinnamon Torte:  A Nutritious and Nostalgic Treat

Helping Women Embody Their Truth: Camlyn Stoeberl, Tarot Life Coach

Becoming “Authentic and Auhlined” with Lindsay Morgan, Holistic Entrepreneur

Lourdes Menendez’s Dream to Provide Holistic Healing through Hypnosis & Coaching

Phone Eats First : Delicious Vegan Chocolate Cream Pie

Jamey Martell Transforms Thoughts and Refines Minds Through Holistic Healing Arts

Trust Your Intuition: Your Gut Knows What’s Up

Amanda Shaffie Uses Coaching to Help Others with their Goals, Purpose, Relationships and Mindset

Holistic Health & Wellness is Self-Care for the Soul

Kay Rose Miller Uses Her Divine Gifts to Unlock Her Client’s ‘Limitless Potential’

What is the Difference Between Being an 'Advanced Yoga Practitioner' and a 'Yoga Body Psychology Practitioner'?

Who are Amrit and Kamini Desai?: SWIHA’s Alignment with the Amrit Lineage

How to Choose a Yoga Teacher Training Program: Authentic, Reputable & Life-Changing

Why Urban Farming is the Future of Agriculture and an In-Demand Skillset

Deepen Your Practice: Yoga Body Psychology is Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Your Diet is Influencing Your Emotions: Exploring the Gut-Brain Axis

St. Patrick’s Day is “Happy St. Freedom & Faith in Me Day” to Michael Anthony Suszczynski

Maximize Micronutrients With Rainbow Superfood Salad

Make Your Own Mock 'Meat' With Just a Few, Simple Ingredients!

Stuffed Squash Recipe: A Healthy, Customizable Meal for All Dietary Types

What is Yoga Nidra?: The Benefits of Becoming a Yoga Nidra Practitioner

A New Career by Next Year? Why You Should Train to Be a Massage Therapist Now

Get to Know: SWIHA’s Alignment with the Amrit Yoga Institute & Our Updated Yoga Curriculum

Michelle Buonincontri Uses Life Coaching to Reframe Abundance & Create Financial Sovereignty

Life Coach Chavon Laurén Uses Her Experience As a Personal Trainer to Heal Mind, Body & Spirit

Holly Meyer’s Coaching Sessions are Centered Around Soul Connection

Mel Rhoden Fulfills Her Soul’s Purpose By Helping Others Find Theirs

Carmen Payne uses Coaching to Create Compassionate Workplaces from the Top-Down

Brian Sheldon Harnesses Breath, Nature & Coaching Tools to Inspire and Uplift

Amanda Dodd Uses Life Coaching to Cast a Light Over Trauma

Brigette Cross, Spiritual Coach, Encourages Others to Live Their Truth

Gift Yourself a New Path in 2021: Holistic Wellness Programs Starting in January

Lean in to This Unique Holiday Season by Consciously Connecting Virtually

December 21, 2020 is the Perfect Time to Start Seriously Pursuing Your Dreams

From Balconies to Backyards: You Can Have a 'Micro-Farm' at Home

Feeling 'Stuck'? Amber Peitzmeier Will Inspire You to Follow Your Passion for Health & Wellness

Three Self-Healing Techniques to Use When You're Feeling Dysregulated This Winter

Dr. Bibih Ero Expanded Her Range as a Practitioner & Educator with SWIHA’s Hypnotherapy Program

Microbiologist Mitra Malaekeh Found a Meaningful Life as a Yoga Teacher

Brenda Bentley Flourishes as a Life Coach by Integrating Spirituality & Life Experience

Rocio Castellanos Built a Clientele for Her Thriving Holistic Practice – Before Graduation!

Kiamesha Guy's Wellness Center Cares for Mothers' Mind-Body Health & Beauty

Recognizing Positions of Privilege and Power to Create a More Just World

How to Build Your Holistic Business with the Support of Fellow Entrepreneurs

Showing Up to Cultivate Inclusive Spaces: Guest Blog by Kimberlee Morrison

Five Essential Hasta Mudras for Powerful Intention-Setting

Meet JoAnn Sanchez: Herbalist, Educator, Friend of Earth & Western Herbalism Program Director

Five Things You May Not Know About Energy and ‘Vibes’

What Does Colonization Have to Do With Our Modern Yoga Practice?

Healthy, No-Fuss Vegan Dessert: Avocado Chocolate Pudding!

The Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga of Action, Love, and Knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming an Herbalist at SWIHA

Emerald Martin on Becoming an Herbalist & Finding Her Purpose

Your Questions About Becoming a Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner – Answered!

Ahimsa: A Call to Stand Courageously Against Evil

McCall Brown Built a Thriving Business on Her Big Dream to Spread Self-Love

How Does Spiritual Bypassing Perpetuate Violence?

Aid the ‘Root’ of Your Immune System With These 3 Common Ingredients

Vegan Nacho ‘Cheese’ That  Even Picky Eaters Will Go ‘Nuts’ For!

#BlackLivesMatter — Bud’s Life Mattered!

New Online Program: Become a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach!

Celebrate the Father YOU Chose, Or How to Celebrate the Dad Who May Have Loved You Inadequately

Probiotic Coconut Yogurt: A Simple, Dairy-Free Recipe!

Face Coverings, and Breathing Through the Shifting Landscape of COVID-19

Listen to a Fifteen Minute Stress-Reducing Hypnotherapy Session

The  Power of a #Hashtag: What We As Allies Can DO Better!

Author, Graduate, Friend: Roann Monson is Writing a ‘New Chapter’ in Retirement

How a Massage Therapy Career Supports Personal & Professional Happiness

Now May Be the Best Time to Build Your Holistic Business

Melissa Richardson Grew Her Massage Practice into a Wellness Center

Stories Inspire –  Stories Heal – Stories Leave a Legacy

3 Reasons Massage Therapists Should Add Hypnotherapy to Their Toolbox

Amanda Dodd Stepped in to Her Power by Helping Others Find Theirs

The Message of Easter Is A.M.E.N

COVID-19 Update — Part II: Continuing to Stay Calm & Connected

Be Who You Are: Pamela Luke’s Transformation Through Alternative Healing

Pesticides & Produce: What Organic Fruits and Veggies Should You Buy?

Yoga Body Psychology Merges Science and Asana to Release and Heal

COVID-19: Remaining Consciously Calm & Cautious to Keep Our Community Safe

Acknowledging How You Feel in This Moment: Guest Blog by Katy Quiroz

What Does Health and Well-Being Look Like? Guest Blog by Layne Kay

Amanda Webster Helps Her Clients Shift Their Mindset to Heal Their Life

Being Spiritually Reliable: How to Say ‘Yes!’ When Called – Celebrate Your Life Event

SWIHA’s Partnership with DaoCloud Amplifies Alumni Reach

Connect With a Trusted Holistic Practitioner Through SWIHA’s Guidance On Call Service!

Michael Cavalier Embraced His Big Dream and Coaches Others to do the Same

Trina Scott Uses Life Coaching to Triumph After Trauma

Suzanne Wigginton Uses Sound and Intuitive Guidance to Bring Clarity

Tami Sharp Takes a No-Nonsense Approach to Soulwork

Reilynn Sarmiento Coaches Teens to Think Positive and Achieve

Cherie Lee Uses Hypnotherapy and Intuition to Guide Others to Happiness

Dr. Alisa Cooper Embraces an Integrative Approach

Alex Kurth Uses Her Passion for Health as a Wellness Coach

Rachel Horton White Utilizes Intuition to Bring Clarity to Her Clients

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