Showing Up to Cultivate Inclusive Spaces: Guest Blog by Kimberlee Morrison

Five Essential Hasta Mudras for Powerful Intention-Setting

Meet JoAnn Sanchez: Herbalist, Educator, Friend of Earth & Western Herbalism Program Director

Five Things You May Not Know About Energy and ‘Vibes’

What Does Colonization Have to Do With Our Modern Yoga Practice?

Healthy, No-Fuss Vegan Dessert: Avocado Chocolate Pudding!

The Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga of Action, Love, and Knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming an Herbalist at SWIHA

Emerald Martin on Becoming an Herbalist & Finding Her Purpose

Your Questions About Becoming a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach – Answered!

Ahimsa: A Call to Stand Courageously Against Evil

McCall Brown Built a Thriving Business on Her Big Dream to Spread Self-Love

How Does Spiritual Bypassing Perpetuate Violence?

Aid the ‘Root’ of Your Immune System With These 3 Common Ingredients

Vegan Nacho ‘Cheese’ That  Even Picky Eaters Will Go ‘Nuts’ For!

#BlackLivesMatter — Bud’s Life Mattered!

New Online Program: Become a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach!

Celebrate the Father YOU Chose, Or How to Celebrate the Dad Who May Have Loved You Inadequately

Probiotic Coconut Yogurt: A Simple, Dairy-Free Recipe!

Face Coverings, and Breathing Through the Shifting Landscape of COVID-19

Listen to a Fifteen Minute Stress-Reducing Hypnotherapy Session

The  Power of a #Hashtag: What We As Allies Can DO Better!

Author, Graduate, Friend: Roann Monson is Writing a ‘New Chapter’ in Retirement

How a Massage Therapy Career Supports Personal & Professional Happiness

Now May Be the Best Time to Build Your Holistic Business

Melissa Richardson Grew Her Massage Practice into a Wellness Center

Stories Inspire –  Stories Heal – Stories Leave a Legacy

3 Reasons Massage Therapists Should Add Hypnotherapy to Their Toolbox

Amanda Dodd Stepped in to Her Power by Helping Others Find Theirs

The Message of Easter Is A.M.E.N

COVID-19 Update — Part II: Continuing to Stay Calm & Connected

Be Who You Are: Pamela Luke’s Transformation Through Alternative Healing

Pesticides & Produce: What Organic Fruits and Veggies Should You Buy?

Yoga Body Psychology Merges Science and Asana to Release and Heal

COVID-19: Remaining Consciously Calm & Cautious to Keep Our Community Safe

Acknowledging How You Feel in This Moment: Guest Blog by Katy Quiroz

What Does Health and Well-Being Look Like? Guest Blog by Layne Kay

Amanda Webster Helps Her Clients Shift Their Mindset to Heal Their Life

Being Spiritually Reliable: How to Say ‘Yes!’ When Called – Celebrate Your Life Event

SWIHA’s Partnership with DaoCloud Amplifies Alumni Reach

Connect With a Trusted Holistic Practitioner Through SWIHA’s Guidance On Call Service!

Michael Cavalier Embraced His Big Dream and Coaches Others to do the Same

Trina Scott Uses Life Coaching to Triumph After Trauma

Suzanne Wigginton Uses Sound and Intuitive Guidance to Bring Clarity

Tami Sharp Takes a No-Nonsense Approach to Soulwork

Reilynn Sarmiento Coaches Teens to Think Positive and Achieve

Cherie Lee Uses Hypnotherapy and Intuition to Guide Others to Happiness

Dr. Alisa Cooper Embraces an Integrative Approach

Alex Kurth Uses Her Passion for Health as a Wellness Coach

Rachel Horton White Utilizes Intuition to Bring Clarity to Her Clients

Autumn Blackwood Blends Ritual and Spiritual Coaching to Manifest Growth

John Eli is a Virtual Mindset Coach Helping Men Discover Answers Within

Kaye Bahr Creates Breakthroughs for Female Business Owners

Sheila Marcella Taylor Brings Clarity to Her Clients Through Coaching Tools

Carolann Soltz Found Her Soul’s Work in Life Coaching and Yoga

Jeannie Epstein’s Love of Serving Others Lead Her to Life Coaching

Barbara Hribar Guides Her Clients to See, Say and Do in New Ways

Tamera Chapman Coaches Healthy Habits and Mindset for Women

From Engineer to Mindful Lifestyle Coach: Harsha Bipin Shares Her Joy

Juan Te Dailey Assists Those ‘Caught in the Gap’ Through Her Non-Profit

Victor Yarter Coaches First Responders to Have Better Life Balance

Colonel Virenda Swarup Inspires Medical Patients to Live Life Fully

Andrea Pohl Uses Intuition And Spirit-Source in Coaching Sessions

Life Coaching Provides a Balanced and Fulfilled Life for Hali Benson

Stefanie Booker Atchison Dives Deep with Hypno-Coaching

Life Coach Kay Vallely Emphasizes Empathy When Building Connections

Samantha McManaway-Hanks Uses Hypno-Coaching to Create Breakthroughs

Janet Lee Brings Coaching Principles in to the Kitchen to Cook up Positive Change

Sharon Rose Guides Women to Unleash Their Inner-Goddess

KC Miller Manifests the Future of Toe Reading in 2020!

Becca Briley Uses a Spirit-Centered Approach to Guide Her Coaching

Linda Bennett Utilizes Powerful Imagery to Deepen Life Coaching Sessions

From KC Miller: 2020 is the Year of the R.A.T – Recall, Analyze, Transform!

Instead of New Year's Resolutions, Set SMART Goals!

2020 Vision: Join SWIHA Every Day in January for Life Coaching Month

Herbalist Terri Martin is Keeping the Tradition of Plant Medicine Alive

Melissa Moreno’s Online Practice Helps Women Embrace Being ‘Imperfectly Vibrant’

Be Merry and Bright: Self-Care for the Holiday Season

Janelle Timmons Learned to Ask the Right Questions and Follow Her Path

Healthy Gut, Happy Holidays: How to Aid Digestion After a Big Meal

Feast Healthy This Thanksgiving: Veggie Holiday Side Dishes

SWIHA Life Coaches: We Want to Write a Blog About Your Journey!

A Mantra for Mercury Retrograde Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Upcoming Class: Reiki for Animals Extends Healing & Connection Beyond Humankind

Holistic Remedies for Cold and Flu Season That Really Work

Three Reasons You Should Consider Becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist

Holistic Health Gathering:  Yoga Classes, Local Vendors, and Massage Championship

Marquita Almodova-Keeme Uses Empathy, Intuition and Massage to Heal

Kari Whipkey Helps Her Clients Heal Their Relationship to Their Bodies

Three Practices for an Attitude of Gratitude This Autumn Season

Caitlyn Goehring Uses Her Unique Approach to Connect Mind, Body & Spirit

A Guide to Substituting With Gluten-Free Flours

Kimberly Balzan Heals Through Incorporating the Power of Sound

Listen to a Fifteen Minute Stress-Reducing Hypnotherapy Session

Need a Laugh? Join the Club (Literally!) on the 2nd & 4th Fridays at SWIHA

Need Motivation? Collected Wisdom for Entrepreneurs from SWIHA Graduates

The Yoga of Manifestation: Amrit Desai’s Visit to SWIHA

Waste-Free Fall: Non-Toxic Air Freshener & Compostable Décor Ideas

Veronica Wright and Her Non-Profit Aim to Provide Wellness to All

Pamela Borowski Shines Her Light Bringing Ceremony to Others

What You Can Do to Help Heal the Amazon Rainforest

Your Diet is Influencing Your Emotions: Exploring the Gut-Brain Axis

The Science And Magic of Vibration, Color and Crystals

Sabrina Willie Found Purpose in Teaching Others to Enjoy the Rollercoaster Ride of Life

Why Now (Yes, Now!) is the Best Time to Follow Your Passion for Holistic Wellness

Jessica Bardzinski Helps Mamas Create Magic Through Intentional Eating

Crafting the Perfect Marketing Email for Your Wellness Business

Jonathan Sorrell Serves His Fellow Veterans Through Spirituality

Maximize Micronutrients With a Rainbow Superfood Salad

Carol Gardner is Using Her Nutrition Knowledge to Bring Health and Awareness

Environmentally Friendly Foods For a Low Impact Diet

Serena Faith Uses Tarot Cards to Unlock Major Self-Healing

Go Smudge Yourself: A Ritual for Mercury Retrograde

We Need to Talk: Sexual Misconduct by Spiritual Practitioners

Toe Reader Janell Erickson Helps Others Discover Happiness Within

Three Ways To Center Yourself Before Speaking to a Crowd

From the Marines to Massage Therapy: Rudy Frame Follows His Heart

Three Reasons You Should Consider Becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist

Naturally Sweet: A Guide to White Sugar Alternatives for Baking

Vegan, Gluten-Free Pizza Crust: A Three Ingredient Base To Make Your Own

Stephen Crawford Helps Others Find Their Voice, Literally & Spiritually

What Kind of ‘Water’ Hydrates the Best? Educate Yourself About Popular Options

Alexa Moody is Proud to Be Plant-Based and Helping Others to Health

How To Advertise Your Wellness Business on Facebook + Tips for Live Videos

Developing a Powerful Brand Identity for Your Wellness Business

How to Create an Effective LinkedIn Profile as a Holistic Practitioner

Using Instagram to Market Your Holistic Business in an Engaging, Authentic Way

Mindfulness & Life Coaching Helped Grow Victor Terrazas’ Massage Business

Amanda Martin Lives Her Best Life as a Virtual Wellness Coach

Is the Wellness Industry Profitable? A Look at the Trends

SWIHA Instructor Loren Evans Talks Finding a “Second Life” Through Massage

Foolproof Formula for a Healthy, Satisfying Green Smoothie

Becoming a Yoga Teacher Helped Jenny Sirwet Say ‘Aloha!’ to Healing

Take Initiative: Create a Culture of Mindfulness at Your Workplace

The Pesticides in Your Produce: Stay Informed, Wash Well & Shop Local

Probiotics, Dairy Alternatives, Juicing & More! Nutrition Webinar Replays

Time to Shine: Jamie Reklau Serves Her Clients as an ‘Assistant of Spirit’

Why So S.A.D?: Facts About The Standard American Diet (There’s Good News, Too!)

Holistic Nutrition Coach Anthony Oliver Is Passionate About Inspiring & Educating Others

Spice Up Your Life! Super Seasonings With Major Health Benefits

Do You Love Healthy Food? You Could Profit From Your Passion!

The Science Behind Trending Superfoods & How to Eat Them

Ohm-MAZING Mantras! SWIHA Healers Share Their Beautiful Affirmations

Yoga Sutras for Self-Care: Planting Seeds of Happiness

Struggling Self-Worth to Successful Entrepreneur: Taressa Riazzi Tells Us How

How Healers Emotionally Recharge After an Intense Experience

‘Holding Space’ in Cyber Space: What if We Respond With Kindness?

What the Core Principles of Reiki Can Teach Us About Self-Love

Rediscover and Redefine: Christine Iring Walks Her Path as The Wounded Healer

Take Ten Minutes for Self-Care and Listen to a Guided Meditation (You Deserve It!)

30 Inspiring Quotes from SWIHA Graduates Who Began Coaching Businesses

Liana Salas Coaches Others to Support Their Health & Dreams

Elizabeth Hartigan Embodies Her Coaching Business, The Gratitude Girl

Divinely Guided: Nicholas Stanley Found His Soul Purpose As a Spiritual Coach

Regina Bentley’s Lost ‘Dream Job’ Created a Better Reality Coaching Others!

Habit-Changer Sue Shapiro Uses Gentle Strength to Coach Others

Quantanique Williams Lives a Life of Service By Coaching Others to Confidence

Carol Becker is Passionate About Her ‘Retirement Career’ as a Dementia Coach

Katie Mongelli Coaches Women to Have a Positive Money Mindset

April Sanchez Answered Her Heart’s Call and Became an Empowering Life Coach

Rocio Castellanos Empowers and Inspires Others Through Coaching and Holistic Healing

Divine by Design: Stefanie Winzer Discovered Her Purpose as a Life Coach

Helping Women Heal: Reane Russell Defined Her Niche & Cultivated A Successful Coaching Venture

Dark Night to Bright Light: Maribel Hernandez Inspires Change in Her Coaching Clients

Erin Murray Creates Heart-Centered Partnerships With Her Life Coaching Clients

Jennifer Emperador Quit the Corporate World to Create a Compassionate Coaching Business

Michele Root Enhances Her Hypnotherapy Sessions with Life Coaching Techniques

A Journey Across the World: How a Massive Leap of Faith Led Rima Desai to Life Coaching

Kim O Spreads Self-Love and a Divine Message with her Coaching Business

Never Stop Learning: Roann Monson on the Power of Finding New Passions at Any Age

From Employee to Entrepreneur: Carmen Payne Found Her Purpose Coaching Others

A Joyful, Fulfilled Life: Lori Beard Empowers Women to Dream and Achieve

Get Out Of Your Own Way: Mitch Rustad Helps Others Break Negative Patterns and Find Happiness

A Recipe for Success: Janet Lee Serves Some Wisdom on Integrating Life Coaching and Nutrition

Jillian Holper Feels ‘Empowered and Humbled’ to Witness Miraculous Shifts as a Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist

Small Shifts, Big Changes: Lifestyle Trainer James Patrick on Becoming Who You Want to Be

Glitter, Goals and Goddesses: Sharon Rose On Her Conscious Coaching Style

The “Will” to Succeed: Business Mentor Will Zecco Gets Honest About Entrepreneurship

Born To Be a “Life Coach” aka Spirit Guide – Becca Briley’s Story

Imagination as a Tool For Success: How Linda Bennett Merges Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching

From KC Miller: Let’s Manifest Miracles in 2019!

Reiki is for the Faithful . . . and the Fearless

I Made a Vision Board & This is What it Taught Me About My Goals (You Should Do It For 2019!)

Have A Healthy Holiday! Wise Ways to Celebrate Mindfully This Season

From KC: Holding Space When the Holidays Aren’t So Happy

Why Wait for the New Year? Take SWIHA's 12 Days of Wellness Challenge!

Brain Health is the Wellness to Watch: New Research Shows How Holistic Healing Works

I Made a Vision Board & This is What it Taught Me About My Goals (You Should Do It For 2019!)

Have A Healthy Holiday! Wise Ways to Celebrate Mindfully This Season

Health is the New Beauty: How Kelly St. Claire Merged Her Passions to Help Others

Five Signs You (Yes, You!) Would be an Amazing Nutrition Coach

Plan For Success: A Guide to Choosing Your Holistic Health Care Degree Program!

Heal the Healer: Do You Need Some S.O.U.L C.A.R.E?

Build Your Holistic Business From Anywhere With SWIHA's Online Programs

Uses for Essential Oils That Replace Toxic Store-Bought Products

Yoga Body Psychology is Not Your Average Asana. It's Science!

In Pursuit of Magic: Lessons Found in the “Spirit” of Halloween

Ready, Set, Blog! Moving Past Fear and Sharing Your Business' Message

It’s ALIVE! How Fermented Foods Boost Beneficial Bacteria

Follow Your Heart: SWIHA Graduates Can Accomplish Anything!

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