Following Intuition is Vulnerability with Yourself

Posted by Christina Nikolic on 8/17/23 4:00 PM


When thinking about vulnerability and intuition, I felt a spark as I was applying the two topics to my life. I am more vulnerable with myself than I ever was because I choose to listen to my intuition where I find myself more mindful and consciously aware of my thoughts, my temporary feelings, and the emotions that come with those feelings from thoughts.

Therefore I cannot speak on behalf of intuition without vulnerability, because following your instinct, and believing in your inner advisor is being vulnerable to yourself first. It's what you need before you can even be vulnerable with anyone else whether it be your friends, your partner, coworkers, or your children. Being vulnerable is being open to trusting in what you believe in so that you can show up for yourself when those moments come when you need to make choices without judgment, doubt or feeling scared of rejection or even fearing the worst for your outcomes.

Following your intuition is vulnerable because it’s like being naked. It's being exposed to the things that we fear the most. I believe that we are our thoughts and we bring these thoughts into existence just by feeling the emotions that those thoughts give us. If we are truly open to ourselves with vulnerability, we open doors to endless possibilities, and only then can we live in our true authentic selves. We naturally crave connection yet we live disconnected from ourselves first and ignore our inside voice, purposely going against our spirit. Whatever happened to that old saying, “Listen to your gut”? If we follow what our gut instincts tell us then we can see the reason behind the process and it becomes a rewarding accomplishment getting to that other side of it. The journey to our own personal agenda, our own personal quest.

Perfect example, my 16-year-old daughter was going to get her hair colored for her birthday. Now she knew exactly what she wanted, from the look, color, style, and cut. She had been dreaming of this look and envisioned it in her head, taking a mental snapshot, manifesting the look only she knew and trusted her gut with.

The day she went to get the color applied, her stylist asked about the gloss color for the final look and when my daughter went to show her choice she was instantly doubted by the question the stylist asked, “Are you sure that’s the look you want?” I looked at my daughter as other stylists were walking over and giving their opinions on their friend the stylist and not consulting any other opinions to my daughter. Everyone was more invested in the outcome for the stylist, yet not for the person getting it done, some agreed with my daughter saying it would look lovely, while others sabotaged her vision and continued to ask her questions as if she was making a mistake. Immediately, I could see my daughter's face and she gave me the look, the look that she was confused and overwhelmed. She then asked me, “Mom, what should I do?” I replied with “Go with your gut babe, do what you want” emphasizing on YOU. After a while, she made her decision and by the end of it all it was the right one for her because she stuck with her original choice that she felt was right and the outcome was amazing. Everyone in the salon after it was blow-dried was of course giving credit to the stylist as if she made the choice, yet overall everyone was in awe of how beautiful it came out. On the ride home, I looked at my daughter and encouraged her to always follow her gut because it’s what I try to always live by and apply to my everyday life and I went on giving her some examples of my own life decisions that were followed by intuition that lead me here and now. I try my best as a single parent to implement these values at home first so that wherever she ends up in life as she grows up, she can remember to always listen to herself first and most importantly.

Have you ever experienced either with a family or friend something you shared either a plan, dream, or idea and the feedback you get is negative or it just brings your vibrations down on your own thoughts? It’s because we are allowing the opinions and judgment of others to take control of our own personal journey. Stop allowing people to get into your head, be vulnerable enough with yourself that you listen to that voice inside, to your spirit and maybe keep those goals to yourself. Allow the goals to be in action, let people see you instead of hear you when you want to share your accomplishments. Remember not everyone is on your vibration, we each have different frequencies we live on and to attract other sounds of similar vibrations can be a process in itself by simply allowing your inner advisor to guide you and lead you to exactly where you’re supposed to be and be around with. Try to think of it like when you were a child, the imagination you carried with you as you were young and not programmed with today's cruelness of fear, doubt, anxiety, and failure. As a child you believed anything was possible, all your dreams were reachable as a child. I remember I wanted to be an actor, a choreographer, and then a writer. I also remember my mother telling me to think of something more realistic. Ouch that hurt, and why weren't my dreams realistic if they felt very real to me?

We have to get back to that child mentality where our imaginations were endless and so were the possibilities. What happened to those feelings you ask, well we have become so caught up in the television or in our phones that we lost human interaction, and what it really means to feel. Nowadays you don’t have to meet someone to date; you just go online and read about a person and either swipe left or right for a connection. TV is exactly that, television programming and these programs are designed to tell us how to live, what to eat, and how to act. The school programs us from early childhood. We are taught how to feel, how to react, and how to think. School “teaches” you what you should do and what you shouldn’t do and although there should be rules and ways of life to live in this modern world that we live in now, there should also be boundaries that we stick by, boundaries that we create because within our boundaries outlines who we are and defines what we stand for in keeping those boundaries in place. Sharing those boundaries is a form of vulnerability because we are not afraid to show and express what we want, like or expect from others. Sometimes we’re afraid to even give boundaries because of what others may think of or what we may look like to another person and what we may sound like to them too. We have to end the cycle of self-sabotage and the fixed mindset that vulnerability is a sign of weakness.

There's power in following your intuition, and your gut instincts, and allowing your spirit to guide you. Trust yourself as much as you trust the opinions and judgment of others. That’s vulnerability, trusting you in you.

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