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Christina Nikolic is a SWIHA student in the Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching Diploma Program. Christina is working on finishing her studies at SWIHA and starting her own business ‘Holistic Wealth Journey and Retreats’. Christina offers tarot reading, spiritual cleansing, guided meditation circles, manifestation sessions, and wellness coaching. Christina is excited to share all that she has learned at SWIHA with the world!

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Following Intuition is Vulnerability with Yourself

Posted by Christina Nikolic on 8/17/23 4:00 PM

When thinking about vulnerability and intuition, I felt a spark as I was applying the two topics to my life. I am more vulnerable with myself than I ever was because I choose to listen to my intuition where I find myself more mindful and consciously aware of my thoughts, my temporary feelings, and the emotions that come with those feelings from thoughts.

Therefore I cannot speak on behalf of intuition without vulnerability, because following your instinct, and believing in your inner advisor is being vulnerable to yourself first. It's what you need before you can even be vulnerable with anyone else whether it be your friends, your partner, coworkers, or your children. Being vulnerable is being open to trusting in what you believe in so that you can show up for yourself when those moments come when you need to make choices without judgment, doubt or feeling scared of rejection or even fearing the worst for your outcomes.

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