Give Yourself Permission: Tips from Great Graduate Suzie Emiliozzi

Posted by Suzie Emiliozzi on 2/25/16 5:50 AM

It may sound strange, but often people seek or wait for permission before moving forward in their lives. I would be willing to bet that, in one area of life, or another, you’ve been stalled around permission too. As you already know, inner conflicts may occur around all sorts of ideas, experiences, and goals. We could explore how the conflicts arose and why they’re present, but why? That takes forever! It’s so much quicker and easier to just resolve the conflict.

Most internal conflicts are resolved easily. One approach is to give yourself permission to either experience something (i.e. healing) or to otherwise move forward in some way (i.e. change). Throughout my career, I’ve noticed that conflicts tend to cluster around certain issues:

  • Wellness/Health
  • Money
  • Success
  • Being present to and focused on the moment of now (rather than the past or future)
  • Relationships
  • Personal responsibility – obligations – sacrifices – other
  • Power/Being powerful/empowered
  • Sex/sexual expression
  • Letting go
  • Being oneself/Self expression

At times, there may be a “need” for permission from oneself. Other times, the “needed” permission is from someone else, like a parent, child, loved one, or from the surrounding community (including your faith community), the world at large, or even from a spiritual source (i.e. God, Source, Universe).

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