James Patrick’s Fire Within: A Life Coach’s Guide to Helping Others

Posted by Jade Marvin on 1/31/24 8:00 AM

I always say SWIHA chose me. I went to lunch from one of my random jobs one afternoon, and came across a SWIHA course calendar at the table I sat. As I read through, I discovered more about the Life Coaching program and it was an instant connection to what I had been seeking yet did not know existed. Once I came to visit the campus, the rest was history. The feeling of belongingness, the community, the environment, the course content, and the immersive experiences I would get sold itself. This was a school that taught true understanding and not just memorization.

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What Led Rev. Fr. Justin Hurtado-Palomo to Study Transformational Life Coaching at SWIHA?

Posted by Rev. Fr. Justin Hurtado-Palomo on 1/8/24 8:00 AM

As an alumni, I wanted to share a response of mine that I gave in a recent interview. The question was “Why did you choose transformational life coaching at SWIHA?” Here is my response, “Thank you for your thoughtful question. My journey toward the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and to transformational life coaching was not a straight path, it was a winding road, full of learning experiences, self-discovery, and a deepening of my faith.”

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