My Day with Michael

Posted by Kristy McCarty on 9/9/21 4:00 PM

A spiritual awakening is the process of learning who we truly are through a vibratory connection that permeates us all. This awakening can feel different for each individual and come in stages as the person experiencing the shedding of their ego-self can slowly lose their identity of who they believe themselves to be and reconnect to the whole that is. When we do this, we have the unique ability to understand ourselves as well as others and raise what some believe to be the collective consciousness. A spiritual awakening is a personal experience that allows full connection with Prana, God, Source, Gaia, Yahweh, Allah, as well as many other names that have developed from the human language to describe what is utterly indescribable. What about the opposite side of that universal coin and the loss of that oneness that we crave? A spiritual death is something entirely different as it consumes and eats away at the wholeness we once had as a young innocent child. Spiritual death can occur when the spirit has undergone traumatic experiences, abuse, addiction, loss, or anything that slowly depletes our soul.

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Staying Protected With Reiki and Guides

Posted by Kaye Bahr on 12/19/16 10:09 AM

Someone recently asked me what my expectations were for signing up for the Reiki and Guides class that was offered in October of this year.  After a bit of thought, my first response was I didn’t have any expectations.  The reality of the situation was, I took the class because I needed more hours to graduate. When I signed up for the Mind-Body Wellness Program my goal was to graduate on the time table that I had set for myself a year before, and this class would help me do just that.

The Reiki part of the class, I had some familiarity with because I had experienced this energy healing modality from the Reiki 1 class that I had already taken.  When I walked out, I had loved what I had already experienced and was eager to learn more.  The spirit guide’s part of the class held more intrigue for me because of my limited knowledge on the subject.

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Angels in My Hair: A Lesson in Belief and Faith

Posted by Nola Dieringer on 7/11/16 8:53 AM

The latest poll on angels reveals that eight out of ten people believe in angels. I am a firm believer in these spiritual beings since I have had numerous encounters with God’s divine messengers.

Nola shared her favorite story, involving her daughter, Nicole, who was two years old at the time of her first angel experience. Nicole was born with very fine hair which resulted in having a tangled mess on the back of her head every time she woke up in the morning. It was unbelievably challenging to a comb through that rat’s nest!

The two have them had a nightly ritual which was giving Nicole a bath, followed by the reading of bedtime stories while sitting in their favorite, cozy rocking chair. On this particular night, Nola was reading aloud about God, Jesus, and the angels. She was explaining to her little girl that Jesus loves children so very much that when a baby is born, God assigns a guardian angel to watch over them. God cares so much about each of us that He even knows how many strands of hairs we have on our head.

It suddenly occurred to me that this would be the perfect opportunity for Nicole to learn first-hand that God is real and so are His angels. So I stepped out in faith and I asked Nicole, “Would you like to wake up in the morning and not have a rat’s nest in your hair?” She nodded enthusiastically, yes. I said, “Okay, Nicole, let’s pray to Jesus then!” She gently closed her eyes and bent her head down as she placed her hands in prayer position.

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