The Power of Breath: Will Zecco's Tool for Student Success

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Before becoming the life coach and King of Cueing Yogi that Will Zecco is today, he had an impressive and established career being a hairstylist for over 40 years! Having this background allowed Will to have ample amounts of experience working in the industry of “people”. Listening to people talk about their lives, their problems, their dreams, and their goals. Hairstylists don’t just do hair, they are therapists! All things aside, Will Zecco’s journey eventually led him to the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and the Southwest Institute of Natural Aesthetics. Having many roles at both schools, today, Will Zecco is the Director of Student Success for SWIHA’s Yoga Teacher Training programs.

Not only has Will worked for SWIHA, he has also been in the seat of the student. Will has taken the Life Coaching program as well as the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program. To Will, Life Coaching is “having the tools that are needed to offer support to individuals as they discover who they are and what their gifts are so that they use these skills to either support an existing career or in many cases, develop a new one.” Will actually utilizes skills that he learned in the coaching program when he works with students every day!

Will further explains, “The students I support are building and developing their own businesses. Stepping into the world of being an entrepreneur. However, it goes beyond the business tools. When we embark on a journey of self-discovery, it is important for us to connect to our inner selves. Discover the blocks or mindsets that are keeping us captive by the walls that we put up that prevent us from moving forward. Living in a Fixed mindset, stuck in old stories or tapes we have come to believe that is who we are. The work is to move to a Growth mindset, let down the walls, and move forward in a positive direction.”

The Yoga Teacher Training students that Will works with, are all enrolled into the program for various reasons. Whether it be for personal development, wanting to become a yoga instructor, to wanting to start their own practice. Will is there to hold space as these students move through their processing and/or going through deep emotions and feelings that may arise throughout their time in the program. Being able to hold space is a large part of being a successful and helpful coach.

A trusty tool/technique that Will Zecco falls back to is the power of breath. Breathing supports stilling the mind and helps regulate the nervous system. Once the student is in a more calm state of mind, Will Zecco will implement facilitated dialogue, asking the student questions that don't have a simple answer, and once the student can answer the questions, he will repeat back to them to better understand what they are saying/coming from.

The thing that I love most about the work that I do, which is a blend of educating and coaching, is the opportunity to see individuals step into their power and accomplish great things. I love having 20 yoga students on the 1st day of class and you explain to them what is going to transpire on this journey, ‘deer in the headlights’ looks on their faces, and then in 6 - 7 months they are in front of the room in the seat of the teacher doing it. it makes my heart sing.”

3 Tips for someone looking to pursue coaching as a career from Will Zecco:

  1. Rome wasn't built in a day. It takes time, dedication, and work to build a coaching business. There is no magic pill that will make it happen.

  2. Do the work that's yours to do. Ask for support when you need it. The thing I love most about working at SWIHA is that we offer career coaching and support even beyond graduation as a complimentary service.

  3. Trust yourself and don't give up. When you feel like throwing in the towel, connect with a Success Coach and get what you need. One of the things I will typically say at the closing of each session is "Get out of your own way".

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