Unveiling Life's Potential: A Journey into Life Coaching with Karen Seltz

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“Prior to becoming a coach I was in corporate sales. I knew I wasn’t living my purpose and that I had a deeper calling. When I went through the Life Coaching program at SWIHA I had no idea that this would become my passion and my full-time career.”

Karen chose SWIHA for her education based on the recommendation of a friend. Initially unaware that life coaching would become her true calling, Karen discovered a huge perspective shift during her training. She learned to view every life event as happening FOR her, not TO her, turning her pain into purpose and enabling her to serve others with compassion and empathy.

In Karen's words, life coaching is a process that creates self-trust within individuals, allowing them to recognize that they hold all the answers within themselves. As a coach, she emphasizes the importance of detachment from the need to be liked, valued, or respected. By connecting to the Divine and letting it speak through her, Karen has facilitated breakthroughs for her clients as they felt seen enough to take off their masks and face the truth.

Karen's business, Video Authority Academy, focuses on helping coaches and entrepreneurs integrate their intellect and emotions to authentically convey authority on video. By addressing subconscious programs and offering a combination of teaching and coaching, she empowers her clients to create a genuine connection with their audience, fostering the "Know, like, and trust" factor that is essential for client engagement.

“I believe that everyone has their own answers and that my job as a coach is to listen to what people are saying and to listen to what they AREN’T saying and give them the space to discover their own answers. This usually takes practice and self-trust.”

Karen uses various tools and techniques in her coaching sessions, emphasizing the importance of shifting perspectives. When it comes to the stories that her clients tend to hold on to, Karen notes, “I ask, ‘What is the purpose of telling this story? What are they hoping to gain? What belief about themselves is this reinforcing? Are they aware of all these things?’ As coaches, one of our main jobs is to shift people’s perspectives, create awareness, and see them as the transformed version of themselves ALREADY!” One notable tool she uses to support her clients when they are experiencing this is “Charting the Story,” which helps clients recognize the significance of their life experiences, cultivating gratitude, strength, and self-love. This tool allows her clients to become aware of the fact that everything they have been through has led them to this exact moment in their lives. This, in turn, enables them to see their courage, compassion, and resilience in a brand-new light.

“I say the same prayer every time before I coach anyone or speak publicly and it is this, ‘Get me out of the way and speak through me.’ By ‘me’ I mean the small ‘s’ ego self, the one who has opinions and attachments to what people do, think, or say. I kid you not, I have paused in many sessions saying, ‘Just a minute, I have an opinion. I get to reground myself.’ Then I say the prayer again and am always amazed at what follows. What comes out of me is not from me! It is channeled and it is EXACTLY what the client needed to get a breakthrough. I teach others how to do this.”

For Karen, coaching is a sacred connection to Source, a beautiful reminder that she is part of something greater. It serves as a platform to practice humility, allowing her to be a conduit for transformation rather than a mere instructor. At the core of her coaching philosophy lies a commitment to being of service and living her purpose. Coaching is not merely a career, it is her calling—a journey that resonates with the very essence of who she is. Unlike therapy, which often kept her entrenched in the complexities of problems, she found that coaching propels individuals forward with a focus on solutions and inspired action. It's a dynamic approach that empowers individuals to live the lives they are destined for.

For aspiring coaches, Karen offers invaluable advice:

  1. Choose a niche early on to position yourself as an expert.
  2. Embrace vulnerability and speak authentically on video to connect with your audience.
  3. Master messaging, making offers, and effective Calls to Action for business growth.

Looking ahead to the New Year, Karen shares practical advice for goal achievement:

  1. Clearly define your goals.
  2. Identify the skills, mindset shifts, or actions required to achieve them.
  3. Embrace imperfection and take consistent, messy action.
  4. Cultivate a neutral relationship with results.
  5. Celebrate every win and focus on positive aspects.

Karen encourages individuals to think like a CEO, placing a value on their time and outsourcing low-value tasks. She also highlights the importance of hiring a coach, emphasizing the significance of self-investment for personal and professional growth.

Karen Seltz's journey into life coaching exemplifies the transformative power of embracing one's purpose, integrating head and heart, and creating authentic connections. As we celebrate National Life Coaching Month, her insights serve as an example of inspiration for those on their coaching journey and a testament to the impact coaching can have on lives everywhere.

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