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Posted by Jade Marvin on 6/27/24 4:00 PM


Before I decided to become a practitioner, I had suffered from severe health issues for most of my life. The doctors told me I had lupus and that it was very severe, so I probably wouldn't live to see my 40th birthday. That took me down a road of exploration, where I used myself as a guinea pig, trying out different holistic practices. My goal was to heal my body naturally and I did succeed! Once I got to a place of feeling like a new person, healthwise, I wanted to expand my knowledge, so I could help others. That is when I enrolled in SWIHA. My greatest passion is to educate others on the root causes of sickness and disease, so they can heal themselves!

Because of Angela Stinson’s own health transformation, she became inspired to help others do the same. This passion and drive led her to the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts’ Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner program, now known as the Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching program. Angela Stinson was already pretty comfortable sharing her story of her health journey via social media, and when she started sharing that she was attending school to help others, she had people reaching out to her left and right to seek her help. Angela shares, “I have always had a heart to help people, so hearing the stories of others really solidified, for me, that I was on the right path.” The right path was that she was gaining the tools to start her own practice and help others reach their goals through SWIHA’s program!

I used to be over 300 pounds, I used to be on 32 medications, and I had to use a motorized scooter and a cane to get around... I was in and out of the hospital and I believed the doctors when they told me I was dying from lupus. Thankfully, I'm on the other side of that, so I can say with great certainty, that we have the capability to heal ourselves!

Now, having graduated from her program, Angela is actively running a very busy practice of her own! Using the skills she learned at SWIHA, Angela provides a variety of services including writing online courses, creating communities and Facebook groups for complimentary information to help people, giving people free consultations, and of course, helping her clients to achieve their health goals. For Angela, education and bettering herself never stop! “I am constantly researching and attending more online trainings, so I can better help my clients and others. I am always updating my online course information, my blog, my social media pages, etc.” asserts Angela.

Within her private practice, ParasiteMamma, Angela specializes in parasites and Lyme disease, as well as, helping clients address the root causes of sickness and disease. Angela elucidates, “SWIHA really helped prepare me for owning my own business, with so many classes that offered training on what to expect, as a small business owner and how to deal with potential clients.”

While reflecting back on her time at SWIHA, Angela shares that the biggest lesson she learned was, “We must ‘learn loosely’. Information is always changing, so we have to be willing to question what we currently know and dig deeper... To keep researching, because what we think we know might change in the future. We cannot have a god complex, as we do not know it all, despite how many certifications or degrees we might have. There was always more knowledge to obtain, in order to better help others.”

If you are reading this and find that you share this same passion as Angela for helping others address the root causes of their sickness or disease, perhaps you should consider becoming a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach. Angela adds, “You are capable of anything you set your mind to! Don't stop believing in whatever dream you have, because you have the ability to change the lives of those around you.”

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