How Cole Roney’s Passion for Holistic Nutrition Led Him to SWIHA

Posted by Jade Marvin on 5/2/24 4:00 PM


My life before SWIHA included working at a hospital in downtown Seattle as a Medical Assistant, 4 years of service in the military, volunteering, and hiking my way around the mountains of Washington. The Holistic Nutrition course specifically caught my eye because of the passion I have for nutrition and how it impacts deep within our cellular health. SWIHA offered the 755-hour Health & Wellness Coaching path with the added concentration in Holistic Nutrition and since finishing all of the courses, I can firmly say the instructors and material you dive into are well worth it! It has been one of the biggest highlights of my time here so far.”

From Medical assistant to active military to Health and Wellness Coach, Cole’s journey was far from ordinary. Cole recognized he craved a change in his life, and the passion he has for Nutrition led him to the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Once Cole started his program, it was only more affirmation that he was on the right path toward the next exciting venture in his life! Cole shares, “I knew I was on the right path when I spoke with my advisor, Janet Lee, for the first time. She really set the tone with the path I was about to embark on. Once I started my first class on the foundations of holistic nutrition, I knew I was in the right place.”

Since starting his program at SWIHA, and now having completed it, Cole’s life has changed significantly. While wrapping up his program, Cole was still working at a hospital in downtown Seattle with Virginia Mason Franciscan Health. Now, he has moved to Colorado and is excited to start a new fresh chapter in his personal and professional life! For work, Cole offers Virtual Educational Sessions with Holistic Nutrition that include Pre-conception & Fertility coaching, as well as, Nutritional Needs Across The Lifecycle which focuses on the stages of life from Infancy into Elderhood.

Reflecting back on his time during the Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching program, Cole’s greatest lesson he learned was, “Be Brave. Be courageous. Be a sponge for all that you are about to learn about yourself on this journey. You may fail, hit some bumps along the way, and feel the ebb and flow, and shifts throughout your time at SWIHA” he continues, “Before you know it, you will be graduating soon and look back at all you did each month with your classmates and instructors. It is a magical experience if you show up every day as best as you can ready to take on the day. Take it all in and cherish each moment. It is okay if you are afraid, that willpower inside of you is waiting to be activated to step into your power and share your own unique gifts with the world around you.”

I encourage anyone reading this, future and current students, to follow that gut feeling. When it feels scary deep down in your soul, take that opportunity by the horns and be brave. This is where you will find new growth for yourself, and your capabilities will be tested, and guess what? You have what it takes; you always have, and this new path is waiting for you to take that first step.”

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