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Before Sandra Steenstra Byrd ever considered becoming a life coach, she was a retail/restaurant manager. The mixture of having a management position and a welcoming presence meant that most employees were drawn to her when they needed someone to talk to. Having this innate gift of being a calming and guiding presence for others, Sandra knew there was a bigger calling for her out there. 

One of Sandra’s friends, Jessica, told her about a place called the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Jessica was one of Sandra’s spiritual guides, and when she told her of SWIHA, Sandra knew that she was being called to go there. While looking into what SWIHA had to offer, Sandra learned of Life Coaching, and felt that it was the perfect fit for her!

Life and spiritual coaching is using the gifts that I have been given from birth. Life coaching is helping others achieve joy, love, and happiness by working through their layers of trauma and the techniques they develop to achieve this. Teaching others that life is what you make it and how to change your conditioned thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.”

After completing the program, Sandra got busy with starting her own business called Sandee Byrd! Sandra specializes in trauma/addiction life and spiritual coaching. She oftentimes works with individuals who want to learn how to elevate their emotions and change their conditioned thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Sandra works one-on-one with clients as well as leads group classes for those who are just starting their journeys of self-healing. Sandra utilizes a variety of modalities within her practice including breathwork, hypnosis, and intuitive coaching skills to dive deep with clients to get to the root cause of their psychological trauma. One example of a tool that Sandra uses is, “I use the mirror technique to have them look beyond the exterior and look into their interior self. I ask questions to get an understanding of what it is they want to work on and what I can read between the lines that they are not saying they need to work on.”

It is so powerful and fulfilling to be in the role of a Life Coach. Being able to impact others is a rewarding job to have. “I love being a coach because I feel I am making a difference in the world. I feel that I am helping my clients to elevate their emotions which in turn is helping those close to them elevate as well. I feel I am teaching anyone over 50 that they can recreate their life and change their outlook on life” adds Sandra.

Becoming a Life Coach through SWIHA’s program changed the course of Sandra’s life. For anyone who may be curious about becoming a Life Coach, Sandra’s advice is, “If you want to become a coach, why? This is what I would ask first. I would also say that the world and your community need people who are willing to be vulnerable, available, and elevatable. You are ready to take the first step in recreating the world around you. You will help others learn techniques to change their outlook on life.” She continues, “Coaching is going on your healing journey while helping others to start theirs. Remember to practice what you preach. If you are telling someone to practice Grace for themselves, make sure you are giving yourself Grace.”

Transform Lives as a Life Coach

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Website: https://sandeebyrd.com/ 

Mindfulness Movement RVA Website: https://mindfulnessmovementrva.com/ 


Facebook: @sandee.steenstra

Instagram: @sandee_steenstra_byrd

Twitter: Sandra Steenstra

LinkedIn: Sandee Steenstra Byrd

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