Yoga Teacher Training: A Life-Saving Miracle for Stefani Skilton

Posted by Jade Marvin on 6/13/24 4:00 PM


Yoga quite literally saved my life. I began my journey at SWIHA after a serious struggle with depression.” Yoga is widely known for its profound impact on physical health, mental well-being, and overall quality of life. By integrating the body, mind, and spirit through breathwork, physical postures, and meditation, yoga offers a holistic approach to personal transformation. This transformative power of yoga emerges in the physical realm and extends deeply into the mental and emotional landscapes of those who practice it regularly. Stefani Skilton, a SWIHA Yoga Teacher Training graduate, saw this transformation in her own life as well, this is her story.

With a background as an Interfaith Minister and Reiki Master, Stefani had already been exposed to the realm of Holistic Healing Modalities. However, something was missing in her life that led to her struggle with depression. After finding her way to the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Stefani explains that “Studying the Sutras really helped me put light back into my life. I was already an Interfaith Minister and Reiki Master, however, studying Yoga helped me catapult my own healing journey enough to become a successful coach.”

While reflecting back on her time during the program, Stefani recalls a lesson that stood out to her. During class one day, there was a student-led discussion that brought up the topic of Mala Beads. Because of this, Stefani purchased her very first set of Mala beads and infused it with the energy of connection. Stefani chose connection as she wanted to repair her lost connection to Spirit. Shortly after this experience, during class, they were practicing inversions, which Stefani had done many times previously in her life so she knew she was capable of doing them. However, the feeling of rage overcame her during this exercise. Stefani explains, “Eventually, I asked Kate Shipp (my instructor) why this was happening. The inversions we were doing had our back against the wall and she pointed out that I never saw what was happening behind my back. At that moment, the tears fell and the rage was released. And before I knew it, 20 minutes later the mala beads broke and my connection to spirit was restored.”

Now that Stefani has completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, she has written a book that she is extremely proud of being published by Llewellyn and will be coming out this May 2024 called “Chakras and Shadow Work”. Stefani has also established her own Yoga Coaching practice Primal Heart Healing. “Yoga is a major part of my coaching and my book. I utilize the energy centers in every aspect of my practice. I customize sequences for my clients according to what we are working on healing” Stefani continues, “While at SWIHA I truly learned to let go of the stories in my life. I learned that I am not my experiences and you become the observer of my life. Because of this, joy was reintroduced to my everyday. This is the foundation I use to start my clients on their own journey toward joy.”

Stefani Skilton’s advice to anyone who is looking to transform their life and the lives of others through the power of yoga is, “The magic in my life today is possible because I chose to study at SWIHA.”

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