Transformation: Unleashing the Internal Power Within with Coach Vicki Shaw

Posted by Vicki Shaw on 1/26/24 8:00 AM


How can your mind, body, and spirit transformation increase your happiness?

So what is a transformation and how do you obtain it? In this busy world, many people go through a series of misfortunes like family dysfunctions, broken relationships, failed marriages, trauma, unfair treatment in the workplace, guilt of past mistakes and the list goes on and on. When people experience these challenges it can be difficult to find peace and direction in your life, nevertheless, there is hope. One way people can obtain transformation for their lives is to recognize that change is needed in order to bring about a sense of peace, joy, and happiness and grow into a healthy balanced life.

What does it mean to transform?

Transformation is a purposeful internal shift that brings a person in alignment with their highest potential and affects how they see and relate to the world and understand their place in it. It can also be a complete change in the appearance or character of something or someone that empowers.

Why is a transformation necessary for the mind, body, and spirit?

It is essential to gain clarity about circumstances, and how to free yourself from emotional bondage. For example, with the clients I serve there is a commonality amongst them and that's being overwhelmed with running a household, career, just the responsibility alone is one reason people see the need for a transformation. I too have found myself in emotional bondage, being depressed with the overwhelming responsibilities handling work, children, family, and bills alone was a lot and this was not a full list, however, after being tired of the insanity I realized there is hope and decided to make the decision to change the trajectory of my life and recognizing I have a desire to live differently.

What are some steps that can lead to transforming mind, body, and spirit?

In order to unleash the power within, there has to be intentionality and willingness to look beyond the problem to experience happiness, freedom, and balance. It's also not that easy and can be uncomfortable at times, therefore, it's important to take baby steps. Finding that purpose for change and helping facilitate removing that fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Where there is optimism, positivity, and support it can be a good recipe for success. Be willing to ask for help, this was difficult for me yet I learned not to be too prideful. Everyone can use a little help. I think about a seed that is planted and how it needs sun, water, and nutrients to grow and become that beautiful flower or vegetable. It took time and patience as it grew through the stages and the same thing happens with humans.

Set clear boundaries and surround yourself with positive people. Remember it's a process and have compassion with yourself during this time. Adding proper nutrients and hydration during this journey can increase energy and help to feel vibrant about the change. Lastly, record the progress and outcome by journaling or recording yourself as you make this paradigm shift, then reflect and celebrate how far you've come as you blossom.

What are the benefits of a transformed life?

You think differently about every aspect of your life and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Managing responsibilities get easier and soon realize you have more balanced routines. Relationships start to be renewed and grow. Life challenges become less stressful and self-compassion becomes a priority. People are able to set healthy boundaries that can protect their space for new and healthy relationships. Nourishing the body with healthy food can increase the likelihood of physical fitness that enhances overall health.

In conclusion, life challenges can hijack our minds, bodies, and spirits. People can become paralyzed, and numb and feel that they are just surviving. Yet most people not only want to survive, they also want to thrive. One way this can be done is by being authentic about transformation and gaining rewards for those who find the strength to change. If you are ready for your empowering journey, get started today.

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About the Author Vicki Shaw

Vicki Shaw is a SWIHA Graduate of the Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching program, with a focus on Holistic Nutrition. Vicki always felt called to help others, and this passion started when she was a Licensed Massage Therapist, who felt fulfilled helping others feel better in their own bodies. Now, as a Coach, Vicki has an even more Holistic approach to health and wellness.

Vicki Shaw

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