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Vicki Shaw is a SWIHA Graduate of the Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching program, with a focus on Holistic Nutrition. Vicki always felt called to help others, and this passion started when she was a Licensed Massage Therapist, who felt fulfilled helping others feel better in their own bodies. Now, as a Coach, Vicki has an even more Holistic approach to health and wellness.

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Transformation: Unleashing the Internal Power Within with Coach Vicki Shaw

Posted by Vicki Shaw on 1/26/24 8:00 AM

How can your mind, body, and spirit transformation increase your happiness?

So what is a transformation and how do you obtain it? In this busy world, many people go through a series of misfortunes like family dysfunctions, broken relationships, failed marriages, trauma, unfair treatment in the workplace, guilt of past mistakes and the list goes on and on. When people experience these challenges it can be difficult to find peace and direction in your life, nevertheless, there is hope. One way people can obtain transformation for their lives is to recognize that change is needed in order to bring about a sense of peace, joy, and happiness and grow into a healthy balanced life.

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