Living On-Purpose: A Journey of Intuition, Sound Healing, and Mecca Elevated

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It’s a new year and a perfect time to reflect on our journeys, achievements, and the intentional paths we're on. I am thrilled to share a bit of my story with the SWIHA community, especially what led me to its Intuitive Guide/Intuitive Coach certificate.

In July 2020, I found myself drawn to the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts’ Intuitive Guide/Intuitive Coach certificate class because I wanted to be intentional about developing my spiritual awareness and delve deeper into my intuitive abilities. Little did I know that this venture would not only enhance my gifts, it also broadened my understanding of the diverse paths my peers were on. The unexpected beauty of this program lies in its ability to attract individuals from various walks of life, each contributing to a rich tapestry of spiritual growth.

SWIHA's program has been instrumental in strengthening my spiritual awareness and confidence in the intuitive gifts I always knew I had. It inspired me to deepen my intuitive guidance strengths and connect them intentionally to my sound healing coaching, providing me with a rich toolbox of techniques to serve a diverse range of clients.

Mecca Elevated, my sound healing practice, was born out of the desire to curate bespoke experiences and wellness products that empower individuals to recharge and align with their truest selves. In a wellness space where diversity is not always reflected, I aimed to stake my claim and become a rising influencer. Opening the studio in May 2021, my goal was centered – on creating a reputation for myself in the wellness industry, particularly in the underrepresented sector of sound healing. And it is working! Recognizing the importance of living on purpose, through consistent effort and commitment, I've achieved recognition and momentum in the wellness space, giving me the confidence to trust and engage with my intuition intimately.

One such recognition that I am proud of is that I've been chosen for the Chicago Arts & Health Pilot for Creative Workers (CAHP) — an initiative that beautifully blends arts, health, and wellness. This unique opportunity allows artists like myself to contribute to holistic recovery and well-being through a year-long apprenticeship at the North Lawndale Chicago Mental Health Clinic. In this role, I'll be integrating sound meditation into clinical therapy sessions. Additionally, the program incorporates a curriculum focused on exploring mental and public health policies concurrently. I'm particularly proud of this achievement, as nearly 100 talented individuals applied, and I am one of the ten selected for this groundbreaking cohort.

Since earning this CAHP honor and other acknowledgments, opening a dedicated space for people to reset and recharge, in Chicago, now my intuition is guiding me to greater platforms with more fluid borders. I've learned that virtual sessions and corporate team sessions can be just as effective as in-person ones. This realization prompted me to become nimble and to reimagine and expand my offerings to include more locations and virtual services.

In the spirit of living on purpose, I am using some techniques learned at SWIHA to actively and intentionally employ my intuition and mindfulness, as they play a crucial role in my life. Meditation, especially, has become a cornerstone of that walk, guiding my daily planning, decision-making, and communication. It has not only shaped my outcomes, it has also helped me overcome adversity and set clear boundaries.

To witness the benefits of intentional living and mindfulness, I've developed ‘Align and Elevate a 5-week, highly individualized, intuitive sound voyage. This program aims to usher in balance, clarity, confidence, and elevated energy, tailored to the unique needs of each participant. Whether navigating life transitions or seeking a balanced state, ‘Align and Elevate’ is designed to provide a solid foundation for intentional living.

Given that we’re on this journey together, I’d like to offer three suggestions that I believe can help you align and elevate intentionally as we soar through this new year. Instead of focusing solely on forming habits, consider the following bigger, better, and more vital approaches:

  1. Connect with Something Bigger!
Find ways to connect with something larger than yourself. Whether it's through volunteering, immersing yourself in nature, or taking a moment to appreciate the beauty around you, this connection can ground you and bring a sense of fulfillment.
  2. Visualize Something Better!
Take a few moments for guided visualization. Close your eyes and transport yourself to a serene place, be it a beach, a forest, or a meadow. Engage all your senses—feel the warmth of the sun, hear the soothing waves or birdsong, and smell the fresh air or flowers. Spend 3 minutes (daily) in this tranquil mental space, letting go of worries and stress.
  • Prioritize Something Vital!
Recognize the role of sleep in fortifying your emotional resilience. Lack of sleep weakens your emotional regulation, making you more vulnerable to negative emotions like anger, anxiety, and sadness. This, in turn, can amplify stress and hinder your ability to rebound from challenging situations. Prioritize sufficient sleep to strengthen your emotional resilience, enabling you to manage your emotions more effectively and navigate stress with greater composure.

I trust that incorporating these intentional practices will contribute to a harmonious and uplifting new year for you. As we all contemplate living a life on purpose, I invite you to join me and the Mecca Elevated community. Feel free to schedule an in-person or virtual session here or join the ongoing discussion on my Instagram.

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Mecca is a SWIHA Graduate of the Intuitive Coaching Certificate. Mecca Elevated intends to create a sacred healing space for wellness-focused and spiritual entrepreneurs on their spiritual awakening journey who are seeking a stronger connection to their higher selves. She wholeheartedly believes we create our own destiny.

Mecca Elevated

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