Why Aimee Dzioba Chose to Pursue Holistic Healing After Getting Her Bachelors Degree

Posted by Jade Marvin on 10/19/23 4:00 PM


Before SWIHA, I had been studying psychology and sociology and had been looking at a career in clinical psychology. At the same time, I started going through a spiritual, awakening and Covid all at the same time and realized that I did not want to deliver traditional clinical psychology. I wanted to work more with people, mind, body, and spirit, and help them live fulfilling wonderful lives.”

Having a mind-body-spirit approach means addressing the person as a whole, and not through one mindset or traditional approach. Aimee Dzioba, SWIHA Great Graduate of the Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner Diploma program knew she wanted to help others and had an interest in psychology, however, she knew there was more out there. Choosing SWIHA, meant choosing to be able to help others through a mind-body-spirit approach. Having this mindset and education enabled Aimee to offer something to her future clients that she would not have been able to offer if she were just to have gone through her ‘traditional’ education elsewhere.

Aimee felt confirmation that she was on the right path at SWIHA when “I was able to start using my coaching skills and teaching people to reframe traumas that my whole life changed, I realized that we don’t need to relive all of the pain just because we have triggers we can rewrite the story of our past, and we can define our future.”

Aimee’s life has changed for the better since enrolling at SWIHA. Aimee reflects, “I came from a very materialistic beginning and this has changed my life so significantly. I’ve learned to live in scarcity and that having just what you need is okay.” Many SWIHA students go through some sort of transition or mind shift during their time in their program. Oftentimes, graduates will share that they are a completely different person then the one who walked through the doors of SWIHA for the first time.

Continuing to reflect on her time during her program, Aimee determined that the greatest lesson she learned at SWIHA is “That I am enough. I chose to put aside my limiting beliefs and know that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I will accomplish manifestation of everything.”

Now having graduated, Aimee Dzioba is working with people in coaching Trauma, Trigger Reframing, Goal Setting, and Vision Boards! Aimee is even exploring the option of re-enrolling in SWIHA’s Holistic Nutrition programs to round out her education and career goals. Aimee’s business is called ‘Achieve Your Truth’ and she also offers services in Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Coaching, Tarot Card reading and more.

Aimee’s advice to any future/potential SWIHA students is “Think outside the box, you are everything you need. Remember that your education may be your way to learn how to help people, yet while going through the program, do your shadow work to heal yourself, show that it works and you will get clients to believe in you.

In 2016 I did not even have a high school diploma. Now I have a Bachelor of Science degree in both Psychology and Sociology and I have successfully finished the Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner program at SWIHA. My personal journey has been a struggle, yet finishing my program and meeting all of the great instructors, and all of my great classmates, and more importantly, truly getting to know myself, this path is just amazing and I just barely started.”

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