The Benefits of Being in Tune with Your Body: A Guide to Stress Relief

Posted by Rachelle Isenhoff on 3/28/24 4:00 PM


A Stressful Beginning

Starting a new school, work, or life situation can be overwhelming. When I started my SWIHA journey I felt like I jumped into an ice bath for the first time. I was completely unorganized, not sure of the true demands that I was adding to my life, and nervous about meeting people in my classes. SWIHA has integrated so many stress-relieving topics throughout the courses. I quickly became at ease with all of the changes and learned so much about how to relieve stress in so many ways.

Do you know how to relieve stress?

There are quite a few ways to release stress such as exercising, intentional deep breathing, distraction, tapping, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, journaling, hobbies, and crying. Just knowing how many ways there are to relieve stress can cause one to stress about which one to choose, however, do not stress about your choices for too long. Just go with your instincts and pick one!

Each stress that comes into your body will need to be released differently. You will need to try out and practice with each of the modalities to see which ones are most effective for you. Just knowing all the stress-relieving tips and tricks will not be beneficial if you do not apply them to your life and if one doesn’t seem to work for you in this moment of stress, just try another!

Simply start by starting Simple.

Taking time for yourself in the morning can change your relationship with yourself, your day, and the people you interact with. It doesn’t seem possible at first; how a 30-second pause to feel into your body could change your whole day. If you lean into the practice and be mindful of your body's feeling every morning. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at all the small changes that will begin to take place. Soon you will be able to detect when stress begins to enter your body and take immediate action to use or diffuse the stress and allow it to pass through your body.

Don’t let stress become a normal state for you.

Sometimes people get so used to the feeling of stress that it becomes a normal state of being. If you don’t know what your stress feels like it’s time to learn. Take a few minutes to do a body scan. Listen to what your body needs and give in to that. Once you get used to checking in with your body throughout the day it will become a natural occurrence and you will be able to feel the stress when it comes. If you feel stress creeping in, step away from the task; take a breath. Think about why the stress has come. Could it be a useful tool to you in completing a task or should you let it go completely before resuming your work?

Allowing the stress to pass instead of ignoring it or pushing it down will alleviate the common causes of too much stress. Side effects such as lack of sleep, weight gain, feeling tired, having tight muscles, or a cramp in your stomach are common. Stress can also lead to more serious health concerns such as hypertension, high blood sugar, diabetes, cancer, and frequent colds and flu. These are some serious side effects of not releasing the stress!

Soon, you will be able to harness the power of stress during a time of need or be able to let it go completely when it’s not useful. This is a very powerful ability and when you get used to discerning between your different stressors and how to handle each of them. When you are on your way to mastering these skills you will be a much healthier and vibrant person.

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Rachelle Isenhoff is a SWIHA Graduate of the Holistic Health and Wellness Coach Diploma Program with a concentration in Mindfulness Facilitation. Rachelle’s passion is to help caregivers, specifically, parents with medically fragile children, learn how to live a more holistic health and wellness-focused lifestyle. Rachelle has recently launched her business and is ready to help those who are so often overlooked!

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