A Return to Reverence: The Healer within Us All

Posted by Summer Ewart on 11/9/23 4:00 PM


Most of us who work in the healing arts have had an experience of spiritual insight or a spiritual crisis, and we are drawn to assist others in navigating the uncertain and whimsical mystery of the healing journey of awakening to the question, “Who am I really and why am I here?”. Some people have awakened to the healer within them when faced with a health challenge or in the adversity of loss and physical or mental trauma. The awakening of the healer within us all is non-linear in timing, and it is an unfolding that is explored and integrated over and over again, as a practice in life of mindfulness and being in the present moment. There are many pathways to strengthen the connection to the healer within, and comparing ourselves to another on their path, will only be a distraction and prevent progress or a deeper connection to self-awareness.

There are 3 gates an individual can walk through to activate the healer within, and each gate has its own tools to practice and introspection for guiding the integration of body, mind, emotion, and spirit for a wholeness-driven lifestyle. The 3 gates represent the triad, and the elements of body, mind, and spirit.

When there is awareness that these 3 elements are always seeking homeostasis and balance within our lives, the healer within becomes the entity of being the expression and power of these elements. The body is the form, the matter, and the essence of how we exist on this earth; it is our breath, our emotions, and what the other elements communicate through and as.

The mind is the unconscious, the subconscious, the supraconscious, and the collection of our experiences and perceptions of those experiences based on the conditioning of our earthly connections. Spirit is the source of life force that flows through everything and is a pure element of infinite potential and information; it is the ethereal and air element. All these gates hold aspects of each other and feed each other, and provide the healer with the power to be the cause of the effect in life.

The first Gate is the Body, and how we move, judge, and listen to the body's needs. What we feed it, what we engage in with it, and how we speak and think about our body, breathe of life. Even though I reference this as the first gate, it is the physical energetic body that the 2 other energetic bodies express through. The physical BODY is the vessel through which universal life force and the other two gates express through.

The second gate is the Mind, and suffering is optional, and the mindset we have around the healing journey creates the environment for the inner healer to have a direct effect on our daily life. Negative thoughts block healing from occurring in our relationship with our bodies and our interpersonal relationships. This occurs when our negative thoughts, proven in neuroscience in this article, when we stay in a negative thought program, our biology stays there as well and sends chemicals to our brain and hormones that over time accumulate and cause dis-ease in the chi, or meridian system according to Chinese medicine Doctor Christin H. in Cedaredge Co. It is what we decide about our experience that creates the way we physically and mentally process adversity. The practice of self-awareness of our negative thoughts is growing pains of spiritual growth are like a muscle that has to be exercised and becomes stronger as we embody and begin empowering our own healer within. We are the cause of our effect, and when we keep this frame of awareness, a new level of personal accountability can occur

The 3rd gate is the Spirit, the aspect of our existence that is connected to the divine, and how we nurture the inner connection of the soul. The chakras are the organs of the soul, and they correlate with mental beliefs and are expressed through the body.

A return to reverence is a return to the whole self and all aspects are given mindful attention in our journey, what we think, say, and do is a divine reflection, here as spiritual beings having this magnificent human experience. It is a life practice that comes through these 3 gates, and it is a daily practice easily followed with discipline.

  • Wake up with gratitude
  • Time management
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Bless and be blessed
  • Stay true to your word to yourself and others
  • Get plenty of rest, and dream with intention

Wholeness is a daily choice and accountability for our choices is how we begin to own our own power and become the expression of our Creator's vision for us. Our power is in our ownership of our choices, our choices when we think, speak, and act. A return to reverence is a return to ourselves and the source of our connection to everyone and everything.

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