Toe Reader, Alicia Ford, Empowers Empaths to Be Their Own Advocates on Their Healing Journeys

Posted by Alicia Ford on 1/15/24 8:00 AM


What was your life like before SWIHA? What led you to SWIHA and to your particular program of study?

Before SWIHA, I was working at Cardinal Health for 8 years as a Customer Service Professional providing service to people in need of crucial medical supplies for the necessity of their wellness. Speaking with people who are in a health crisis requires deep listening, compassion, patience, and faith. In my position, I learned how important it is for Light Workers to make their wellness a priority. Working at Cardinal Health introduced me to new ways, how thoughts are seeds and words become the nature of what can be created.

Healing since I was a child has been my heart's passion. I love to help others see the way forward positively even when they are in great pain. God has given me the gift of seeing. When I was introduced to Toe Reading I felt I had come home to something I've known a long time. As I have always felt a deep connection with Mother Earth and Mother Nature, Toe Reading was what sparked my curiosity to take many more classes with SWIHA. I am confident that I am ready and available to be a Guide to assist people in healing from psychic illness that originates in the mind, stress that causes disease, doubt, fear, and phobias. We all need help when we are feeling lost and or seeking to create a blueprint to go forward. I am here to be of service for the Light of each Soul's journey.

Classes I have taken at SWIHA has increased my knowledge yet more importantly I am much more rooted in sacred processes that in sharing are a great service to the humanness as our feel walk this Earth.

Is there a “defining moment” you’d like to speak about? When did you know that you were on the right path?

When I met Toe Readers in Arizona, I wanted to explore beyond having my own toes read. I knew I was being called to pursue and explore what I always felt, that the feet are very important and have messages for our life's journey. When the Toe Reader was spot on in her reading of my toes it was an ‘AHA’ moment. I wanted to see if I could understand the messages our toes hold. I was sold and wanted to sign up for classes which I did.

I dove into all the classes and learned so much. With each reading, I am amazed and humbled by the sacred practice of Toe Reading. The energy of the toe is guidance that actually helps the sitter. When reading Toes, it's as if Spirit is giving me a magnifying glass as I ask questions that arise. Toe Reading is a beautiful practice that fills my heart with joy because not only am I humbly bowing to the sitter to honor them for their courage to allow me to touch, look, and listen, I am truly grateful for the Angels and Guides that work with me for healing what needs healing. Every time I do a Toe Reading, I feel the presence of Mother Mary and Jesus sitting with us.

Has your life significantly changed? If so, how?

Yes, my life has significantly changed. Being on an entrepreneurial path is not easy when most of your life you have worked for corporations. I've gone through some very difficult days to learn lessons of trust, faith, and creating a new vision. This is unknown territory. Toe Reading is what led me to a new level of what is possible. Having credentials is one thing and putting boots on the ground takes faith and courage. I've had to learn to stay focused and never give up on what is possible with God/Spirit.

What are you up to now—professionally and personally?

My passion is providing Life Coaching to any gender.  I specialize in helping people to understand the depth of self-love they are called to when relationships present challenges, especially challenges that appear to be the source of their heartbreak, abandonment, and mental health issues that can also be the root of physical illness & pain.  Spiritual Healing Sessions are personalized for each person individual's needs.  

Currently, I am also working at Sprouts in the Vitamin Department. It's a wonderful environment and their mission aligns with my intentions to be of service. I get to meet many people seeking wellness. I am learning about holistic and natural remedies that I didn't know before. A new healing career is unfolding organically. My focus and specialty is helping empaths and sensitives understand the best self-care for them. Working with the cycle of life wheel is a great way to break down life, what is working and not working in harmony. I love to work with people where they are now, which is always the perfect place.

What services do you offer? How do you powerfully impact clients? How are the skills you learned at SWIHA supporting your work?

Supporting and reminding people of who they truly are is what I am most passionate about. My intention is to make a difference in each person's life I meet by creating and inviting clients into a confidential calming session for healing any trauma and to receive messages through mediumship. Sitting with people and relaying messages from Spirit brings me great joy and happiness. We are never alone in this process as I work with Mother Mary, Jesus, and a host of Angels.

The many classes I took at SWIHA support and enhance my daily spiritual practice and keep me grounded in knowing the truth of who I am in God which is crucial as I provide support for clients too. I would say that the meditation classes were the most helpful for my own healing and the healing I offer to my clients. Prayer is the foundation of my work.

What was the greatest lesson(s) you learned while at SWIHA?

Spirituality is a doorway to self-care and self-love. There are many ways to approach living what is true in You and for You. SWIHA broadened my knowledge of the diversity of religion, beliefs, and being human. One of my greatest lessons learned at SWIHA was that what I thought I knew, I didn't know. Listening is not easy in a fast-paced world. It takes humility to observe and be a witness for another person without projecting your experiences onto them. As I came to the end of my course studies, I realized that I mostly wanted to be a compassionate listener who has the capacity to understand and compassionately discern wisely.

Another great lesson I learned at SWIHA is that I don't help people without help. Through SWIHA I have increased my knowledge and intention to serve with integrity, honesty, and discernment. One of my greatest lessons has been, that more is not better, take things at my pace, not at the pace of others.

If you could give advice to future SWIHA students, what would it be?

Be gentle and kind to yourself. Take your time and go at your own pace. Develop a blueprint to follow. Prayer and trust your inner guidance first. The journey with SWIHA is an invitation to genuinely and authentically love yourself more fully and contribute openly to ourselves, loved ones, and your community.

What else—if anything—would you like us to know about you, your work, and/or your personal journey?

My personal journey has been interesting. I didn't discover the importance of self-care and self-love until later in life. Now my mission is to help others, especially empaths, to be their own advocate of what is best for their wellness spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

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About the Author Alicia Ford

Alicia Ford has completed SWIHA’s Master Toe Reader, Spiritual Coach and Celebrant, Intuitive Guide, and Life Coaching programs. Alicia’s mission is to help others, especially empaths, to be their own advocate of what is best for their wellness spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Alicia Ford

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