Why SWIHA’s Massage Therapy Program was Worth the Wait for Great Graduate Libby Schaible

Posted by Jade Marvin on 8/24/23 4:00 PM


“The Universe knows the perfect timing for all those things you want and will find, through the crack of least resistance, the best way to deliver it to you.” - Esther Hicks

Life can be all about timing. For SWIHA Great Graduate, Libby Schaible, this happened to be the case when starting her journey going back to school for SWIHA’s 1000 hr Massage Therapy program as well as being ordained through the Spiritual Coaching program. Libby shares, “I wanted to do the massage therapy program there (SWIHA) for at least 5 years before I actually started. By the time I finally started I absolutely knew I would be walking the right path. Being a longtime yoga practitioner and my love for yoga adjustments brought me to massage. I am passionate about massage and it lights up my soul. I love being able to connect one on one with people individually. And to indeed be of service to them in mind, body, and spirit.”

Being aligned in timing, readiness, and openness to learn - Libby was ecstatic to begin taking clients at SWIHA’s student massage clinic. “When I started my clinic hours I was already getting regular clients asking the front desk to book again with me” explains Libby. Throughout her program, Libby was constantly shown that she was at the right place, at the right time. “The alignment I felt creates this inner knowing that this is the right path. Now in my working career, I created a regular clientele and feel very fulfilled. I believe that when things work out, those are all defining moments of the path. I will never stop learning and growing in this field as there are endless resources.”

Libby knew SWIHA was the right school for her because “following what feels like a calling in life is in itself life-changing. I believe that going to a massage school that embraces the science of massage along with the spirit made a huge difference in my training. I understand the human body and also felt free to explore intuitive gifts. I live a deeper, more connected life, because of these understandings.”

Continuing to reflect back on her time during the massage program, Libby really felt comfortable allowing herself to experiment and have an open mind when learning about massage with a holistic perspective - which is a unique opportunity that SWIHA offers to its students. Libby states, “I took each class seriously and played around with different techniques. I think that my openness while I was in school helps me to this day in my work. I have a very well-rounded perspective on massage. And a deep understanding of the mind, body, and spirit connection along with the anatomy and kinesiology that was also drilled into our minds.”

Now having graduated from her program, Libby is working at a Thai Massage business in Chandler. Libby asserts, “I love being able to combine a blend of modalities. I offer Thai massage, Thai Swedish combo, Swedish massage, Deep tissue, Gua Sha, and Thai foot. I also do some massage at my house by referral through friends.”

“I was able to graduate from SWIHA and go directly into a successful career and fully support myself through massage and spiritual coaching. I combine spiritual coaching with astrology and have clients that I meet who schedule directly with me. Then I also have my weekly schedule where I work for massage in Chandler. All of this keeps me very busy. Whenever I connect with a client and see them progress, I feel grateful for my job. And for finding a life path that is fulfilling. I have an insatiable desire to learn in this field. And SWIHA provided that foundation, as well as, a safe and supportive place to always return.”

Libby had so many classes and teachers that positively impacted her journey that Libby wasn’t able to list them all, however, Ellie Lorente is one of her favorite instructors, as she shares a love for Thai Massage. “I found all the teachers supportive throughout. And even when I graduated, they are always there cheering us on. They genuinely have beautiful hearts and really get excited when they see us using our gifts out in the world. It’s like having a cheering section in your corner at all times. It’s the greatest feeling.”

Libby’s advice to future/potential SWIHA students is, “Your time at SWIHA will go by very fast. So appreciate all the information, the setting, the classmates, the teachers, and the growth. And to follow your intuition and not just follow what anyone else is doing. Do what is right in your own soul as that is where your doors of opportunity will open.”

Timing serves a great purpose and shows us things once we are ready for it. “My personal journey has been a very long process. I did a lot of self-development, yoga, and astrology before entering the programs at SWIHA. When I graduated SWIHA I felt more than ready to start this work full time and take on clients. And I am so grateful every single day to support myself financially in a way that also helps others and is in service of them. Completing the massage program opened up my life path and calling.”
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