Health & Wellness Coach Kristal Tijerina’s Passion for Helping Others Live and Love Their Lives Fully

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My life before SWIHA was a bit all over the place and I was close to finding my passion and felt I was coming up slightly short. One night, SWIHA came across my Facebook thread and I was very guided to it. After a few weeks of researching and meditating, I signed up. It fit perfectly with the direction I was currently going as well as what I naturally do as a person. I am so passionate about helping people to live fully and love their life. To step out of their comfort zone and chase their dreams. I love being a cheerleader for others.”

With this passion and spark for wanting to help others live their best lives, Kristal Tijerina found herself enrolling in the Holistic Health & Wellness Coach diploma program at SWIHA. With the innate feeling that this was where she needed to be, this feeling was further enforced once she started classes! Kristal shares, “I believe a defining moment for me was all the synchronicities that seemed to come in and flow together between talks that I was having with friends and even strangers. People I practiced coaching with told me that I would be such an amazing coach. It definitely became undeniable and I couldn't ignore it or engage in my fears any longer.” A career as a Health & Wellness Coach can be very rewarding, with living a purpose of serving others to live their best and healthiest lives.

Reflecting on Kristal’s time during the program, Kristal recalls, “I feel that my life has changed significantly throughout this program. I have gained more confidence. I have grown stronger in my meditation practice. Trusted more in my intuition, I have a stronger overall feeling of knowing. I feel like I am living a more fulfilling life and can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.” A lot of SWIHA students experience this transformation, not only in their future careers and education; they experience a transformation within themselves as a person. Allowing them to grow and become the best versions of themselves to one day serve their future clients to their utmost potential. “I am more driven and focused on growing not only my coaching practice, with what I have learned throughout this program, I am also growing and perfecting my online fitness business. I am not only growing as a person, I am growing as an entrepreneur. I am feeling more comfortable talking to people and closing the sale with ease.”

Kristal is set to complete her program in September of 2023, and has an online fitness program that she has created herself! Kristal explains, “I have created my own videos to follow along with. I also provide nutritional guidance. I really focus on making fitness and nutrition a fun part of their life and something they look forward to, and not another chore. The marketing and self-care work throughout this program have really helped me to perfect my fitness business throughout the process too.” Not only has Kristal gained more experience in coaching, she has also gained support from SWIHA’s business classes to set her up for success when she graduates! While reflecting back on Kristal’s experience during her program as a whole, the greatest lesson she learned was “that I am my biggest fan or my biggest hater. That I hold the key to how my life unfolds and only I can hold myself back from all my dreams coming true.”

Kristal’s advice to any future/potential SWIHA Students would be to not give up and “Trust the process and move through your feelings and hesitations without judgment. That the answers seem to come within the perfect time and that once you dive in you realize that you did know how to do it after all. You were guided here for a reason and you are stronger, smarter, and braver than you think and your clients are waiting for you at the end.”

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