From Air Force Pilot to Health & Wellness Coach: Lisa McCranie’s Journey

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After serving for thirteen years as an Air Force Pilot, Lisa McCranie began a six-year educational journey toward her true passion for fitness, nutrition, and health. Lisa did not know exactly what to expect, or what would be coming her way. However, Lisa did know that she was meant for great things and that she would work hard to continue to push herself in all areas of her life. This life path change is what brought Lisa to the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts to study Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching.

I was searching for an educational program where I could use my VA benefits that aligned with my passions. I have been invested in my personal health all throughout my life and I enjoy helping others in fitness, nutrition, and general health. Learning about these topics is something that I will continue to do throughout my life. Sharing this information with others gives me fulfillment knowing that I am helping someone.

From the start, Lisa McCranie felt right at home at SWIHA. Lisa knew she was in the right place to continue her education, based on the quality of education from her various instructors, and their experiences and backgrounds. Lisa shares, “The variety of backgrounds and professional experience makes this school very unique. From the start, the general feeling I had was a sense of belonging, that this was a school that fit my personality. This is due to everyone I have interacted with or learned from.”

Lisa has been working very diligently to expand her education by attending several schools, including SWIHA, taking culinary classes, completing various fitness and nutrition certifications, to completing a third college degree! During her experience in the Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching program, Lisa elaborates, “I have learned a lot throughout this experience which has built upon the knowledge that I already had. It has pushed me in ways out of my comfort zone to only make me more confident in my abilities. I have gained relationships with my fellow classmates who have supported and challenged me to push myself continually. These are friendships that will last throughout life.”

One of the greatest lessons that Lisa learned during her program was about active listening. Lisa explains, “Active listening is a skill to continually work on to effectively coach individuals. I also learned to work on being more present while not trying to fix a situation or think about how I would respond. I gained more empathy for people while learning supportive tools and techniques. I was able to give myself compassion due to the points made by my fellow classmates.”

Now having completed her program, Lisa has a side business helping people with their fitness, nutrition, and general health. “I wanted to start my own business to be my own boss. My years of various education are all coming together in this platform where I can help people live a healthier life. All of the various classes I have taken at SWIHA have helped me to be better at helping people by effectively coaching them for positive change.” asserts Lisa. In addition to this, Lisa is also seeking to gain employment within the same field.

If Lisa could offer advice to any future/potential SWIHA students, it would be: “Enjoy the ride. At times it can seem like a lot, yet it all goes by fairly quickly. Absorb all of the valuable information given by all of these amazing instructors. The difference between SWIHA instructors and typical college instructors is a much deeper sense of empathy and passion for student learning.”

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