Life Coach, ReNae Schramm, Holds Space for Clients to Get Out of Their Heads and into Their Bodies

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What was your life like before SWIHA? What led you to SWIHA and to your particular program of study? Why are you passionate about this modality?

My life before SWIHA involved a lengthy corporate career and years of talk therapy! An off-handed comment about becoming a Life Coach opened a world of opportunity. I stumbled across ads for SWIHA, stopped in for a visit, tried out several classes through the guest pass program, and landed myself in the Life Coaching program. I'd always been interested in Hypnotherapy and found the schedule aligned, so that became my weekend gig. It didn't take long before I was hooked! Being around like-minded people and learning how to use these techniques changed (and healed) me more than I ever thought possible. I couldn't wait to share my talents with the world and used these skills whenever I could.

The need for health insurance kept me entwined in corporate life for a few more years. I continued to use the techniques in my daily life and waited for the day I could do this as my career. In 2020, that opportunity presented itself. I stepped out of corporate and started the path of being self-employed. In 2021, I experienced Yoga Nidra for the first time and realized I needed to add that to my tool belt too! I'm now a Transformational Life Coach that uses guided imagery techniques (Hypnotherapy, Yoga Nidra, NLP) to help individuals change from the outside in (conscious mind) and from the inside out (subconscious mind). Being the witness to transformation is my why. There's nothing better than seeing someone find their way to genuinely loving themselves, loving others, and loving their life!

Is there a “defining moment” you’d like to speak about? When did you know that you were on the right path?

I was practicing hypnotherapy with a classmate at my house. Admittedly, we were goofing around enjoying each other's company, and weren't focused on getting deep into a trance. As the client, I was fully aware and didn't consider myself in any type of trance or altered state. Yet, within a few minutes of laughing with my friend, I was experiencing myself in my mother's womb, having a conversation with my father with tears rolling down my face. At that moment, I realized how quickly change can happen to anyone. Even if you have a busy mind, even if you are fully aware, even if you wonder if it's really working, shifts can still happen, burdens you've carried for years can still release, and a new awareness can still be found. I wasn't deep in a trance. I just tuned in and listened. As a result, I had a life-changing experience. I knew then that I was learning tools that would change lives.

Has your life significantly changed? If so, how?

My life continues to change. I'm more aware of how I show up, the words I use, how I treat others, and how they treat me. I am a completely different person. One that forgives, listens to hear, accepts where a person is at in life, and holds space for the work.

What are you up to now—professionally and personally?

Helping others is what I get to do every single day and I love it! Personally, I'm in a long-term relationship that is healthy and loving, my daughter and I are closer than ever, my health is good and I'm enjoying all the adventures that life continues to provide!

If you own a business or private practice, tell us all about it! What inspired you to start your own business? What services do you offer? How do you powerfully impact clients? How are the skills you learned at SWIHA supporting your work?

My business name is Heart to Soul Wellness and my motto is "Love yourself, love others, love your life!" In life, we often trudge along day-to-day just getting by. We might feel stuck, overwhelmed, stressed, unhappy, burdened, (fill in your struggle here). Where I come in is coaching, holding space, and asking questions to help get out of the head and into the body to become aware and release whatever is in the way. As a Transformational Life Coach, I use guided imagery techniques (Hypnotherapy, Yoga Nidra, NLP) to help individuals transform from the outside in (conscious mind) and from the inside out (subconscious mind). I offer 60 or 90-minute sessions nationwide by phone, Zoom, and in person in Queen Creek, AZ. Every client receives a complimentary 60-minute discovery call to help identify where they're at in life and where they'd like to be. It's a great way to experience working with me as a coach and see if we're a good match for working together.

What was the greatest lesson(s) you learned while at SWIHA?

The importance of looking at things in a different way. A slight shift in perspective can change how a person approaches a problem or obstacle. Sometimes it just takes someone asking the right question to create that shift.

Who were your most impactful teachers while you studied at SWIHA? What were your favorite classes?

Linda Bennett and Kamini Desai. I love that I was able to audit my Hypnotherapy classes and listen with a different mindset (with a business mindset instead of a curiosity mindset). They both have so much passion for their work and it shows in their teaching.

If you could give advice to future SWIHA students, what would it be?

Value the time you spend here and the people you meet. Be open to change and get outside your comfort zone and try something new. Know that life will never be the same (in a good way).

What else—if anything—would you like us to know about you, your work, and/or your personal journey?

In addition to 1-on-1 sessions, I do group sessions (guided imagery, classes, workshops), mindfulness introductions to corporations and schools and often volunteer at group homes or similar. My corporate background in leadership, training, and project management aids in understanding the business world and how mindfulness is an integral part of a happy and productive workforce. My own life's journey has created a passion for helping others dig out of the bottomless hole we can sometimes find ourselves in. I'm always looking for opportunities to partner with and share this work. If my story resonates with you, let's chat.

Transform Lives as a Life Coach

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