Why Urban Farmer, Mecca Bey, Combines her Love for Nutrition with Coaching

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My life before SWIHA was and is purpose-driven, which is why SWIHA was always on my path. I had been seeing advertisements for SWIHA about two years prior to me actually reaching out to sign up, I even had SWIHA send me a catalog of the courses. It wasn't until I started really wanting to know more about the food I grow that I said ‘Okay let me really look into this school.’ I chose my program of study because I wanted to have more education and knowledge about food and how it affects our bodies and our communities. I'm passionate about this modality because food is and has always been our future for how we see the world. It either brings us together or breaks us apart.”

SWIHA Graduate Mecca Bey completed the 755-hour Holistic Health & Wellness Coach Diploma program specializing in Holistic Nutrition. Like many others, SWIHA crosses the path of many of us before we know we are ready. After some time of contemplation, Mecca finally decided to enroll and up level the knowledge she had surrounding Nutrition. Going back to school as an adult can oftentimes be daunting and challenging, however, very rewarding to complete. Mecca relates by sharing, “School has been more challenging to comprehend and my focus today is not where I would like it to be. Yet I realized, I'm still here doing my very best and my very best isn't that bad. Also, I've had nothing come easy so I'm on assignment, and yeah it's been amazing, I'm grateful for it all.”

As Mecca reflects on her time at SWIHA, and all that she gained from it, she shares, “Yes my life has significantly changed, I really didn't know in the beginning I would have to be a coach, I just thought yes I would have the tools to educate my village and the communities I serve on healthy eating.” She continues, “However, the whole process of coaching has a lot of ups and downs for me and it had me looking at myself and questioning, ‘can I really do this?’ Then I realized, first of all, yes I can do this and I'm learning as I grow and the more I do it, the more I will build my confidence so I can help someone build theirs as well.” Throughout Mecca’s program at SWIHA, Mecca recalls having amazing instructors who all had their own style, yet overall did not miss the mark. The impact these instructors left on Mecca will live beyond her time as a SWIHA Student.

Outside of SWIHA, Mecca is an Urban Farmer, and during farming season, this profession ends up consuming her whole day! As time goes on, Mecca is still learning and gaining confidence in integrating her coaching skills and farming life. Mecca explains, “This year, my business partner and I have moved to our own land in another community, so we are having fun vibing with the residents, telling our stories and hearing their stories or what was on the land before it was a farm and the possibilities for the future of our farm.” As far as Mecca’s personal life goes, she is focusing on being good to herself and giving herself grace. “My mental and physical self have been through a lot, so I'm just focused on using all these meditation tools and finding what my optimum health looks like” asserts Mecca. In addition, Mecca states, “This whole process has been a great lesson for me. I am doing something spectacular against all odds. According to statistics, I should not have made it this far and I should not have succeeded as I have, so every day I give myself amazing grace.”

mecca-bI will say though, that the skills I've learned at SWIHA are helping me to take more time for myself because I have a business and I work full time, so I'm always doing something for everyone else, although, I'm learning balance in an unbalanced world. Also, for my farming business, I was inspired to start that business because I had been growing food since 2016 and I wanted to be in a position to learn more about food and food culture and to build an empire where the food I grow, could feed communities for many generations to come beginning with my village.

For those out there that may be contemplating whether or not to enroll at SWIHA, Mecca’s advice for you would be to expect the unexpected. “Stay ready for any and all changes and please no matter what the course may be, stay open to receiving it and be patient with yourself. Also, when the road looks like it may be taking a detour, remember your "why", keep it with you all the way, and never give in or give up!

I would just like to say, I would have never thought I could do this because of the doubt I put in myself. Yet I'm so glad that I have the discernment to know which self to listen to sometimes and this time, I know I listened to the right self! My life will forever be transformed and I'm so proud of myself and I so look forward to this person in me coming full circle out of her shell and wowing the world!! She Ready!!

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