Health & Wellness Coach Christine Reel’s Mission to Hold Space and Guide others to living a Heart-Centered Life

Posted by Jade Marvin on 3/16/23 4:00 PM


My life before SWIHA was and is a mystical - glorious journey! I am an entrepreneur at heart, with my own business as a holistic hairstylist. I was led to SWIHA during the shutdown in 2020 and found that I had an opportunity to add to my skills as a holistic practitioner. I had an interest in expanding my career into something new and exciting within the wellness space. I have many energetic gifts and wanted to incorporate more of them into what I do for a living. I was interested in the Integrative Healing Arts Program and the Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching program. I felt that the skills I would learn with the holistic coaching and mindfulness facilitation program would be a good fit and the first step in creating my new holistic business. It is my passion to share my knowledge about awakening consciousness and how to live an aligned Heart-Centered life. Through Holistic Coaching and Mindfulness Facilitation, It is my mission to be a guide for those I came to serve.”

Christine Reel, SWIHA Great Graduate of the Holistic Health & Wellness Coach diploma program, had the end goal in mind when she started her journey. With her entrepreneurial background, Christine had the experience and fire to get started with integrating holistic practices such as Coaching into her business. Although she had a straightforward goal, it does not mean the journey was any easier for her. Christine asserts, “I think I had plenty of moments questioning if this was the right path for me and I now realize that it is not my final destination, just one step in a continuously unfolding journey.”

Despite the hardships Christine may have experienced during her program, Christine also reflects on all the positive things she gained during her time at SWIHA. “I have learned a wealth of knowledge over the last year+ and the skills I have learned I put into practice daily. My ability to truly hold space and listen with non-judgment is the greatest skill I have acquired. I also learned a lot about holistic nutrition and have expanded even more of what I was doing before I started this program” shares Christine.

Now that Christine has finished her program, she is still currently running her business as a hairstylist, however, she practices coaching with just about everyone she comes across! Christine’s goal is to become a nationally certified health coach through the National Board for Healing and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) and start her own holistic wellness practice. Christine says, “I continue to expand my energetic gifts so that I can be of greater service to humanity and live an energetically aligned lifestyle with my beautiful little family” she continues, “I plan on offering services as a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach and Mindfulness Facilitator. The skills I learned at SWIHA for Holistic Coaching allow me to powerfully impact my clients by creating a space for them to tap into their highest potential and learn how to take the steps to move forward on the path to aligned wellness. I help my clients bring their highest wellness calling into reality.”

The greatest lesson Christine learned while at SWIHA is how to hold space for others. Christine shares, “I learned that the awareness has to come from within the client for them to be able to make their goals a reality. Holding space is the container for healing and awareness.”

Lastly, Christine’s advice to any future and/or potential SWIHA students is “Do your research and make sure you are choosing the program that is right for you. You are already perfectly prepared for your highest calling, have fun, YOLO!”

Become a Health & Wellness Coach

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