Follow Your Heart: SWIHA Graduates Can Accomplish Anything!

Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 10/19/18 10:00 AM

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts is unique in countless ways. Spend a few minutes browsing our classes and programs, and you’ll see everything from crystal healing to raw food cooking and even canine massage! You’ll find no other accredited college quite like us.


Understandably, a common question we receive is: What can I do when I graduate?
The only truthful response is: What do you WANT to do?

SWIHA graduates have gone on to create integrative medicine clinics, non-profits, coaching businesses, nutritional catering services, yoga studios and so much more. We’ve seen our students transform in to motivational speakers, authors, healers and--most importantly--entrepreneurs!

SWIHA’s mission is to inspire individuals to discover their gifts and graces, and support them as they share their talents with the world in a loving and profitable way. We encourage every student to follow their vision, and assist them with business classes and a lifetime of entrepreneurial support through our Success Center.

Today, we’ll take a look at just a few of the thousands of graduates who have pursued their passion through their education at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts:

Jillian Holper, Life Coach & Hypnotherapist, Elemental Healing & Coaching

Jillian 2_editedJillian Holper graduated from SWIHA with her Associates in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology and now works as a life coach and hypnotherapist with a passion for providing guidance to women through some of the hardest parts of their lives. Her business, Elemental Healing & Coaching, is thriving and allows her to live her purpose every day!

“I knew from the get-go that supporting moms with postpartum anxiety and depression was something I wanted to do and was passionate about,” Jillian explains.

Jillian feels that the most growth and inspiration occurs when she’s able to hold safe space for her clients who are willing to be vulnerable. Humbled and in awe, she loves the feeling of helping clients make a breakthrough. She says the most rewarding part of her work is knowing her clients are making big changes for the better.

“Undoubtedly the feeling of reward you get is from knowing that a client has made a major empowering shift,” she says. “It is why I do what I do and the impact I wanted to make ever since I was a little girl!”

Heather Clore, Western Herbalist & Holistic Nutritionist, Ecoflora, Inc.

Heather-Clore-SWIHA-Great-Graduate-1Heather Clore decided to attend SWIHA when she became motivated by the determination to gain the knowledge and the confidence to move toward her personal version of bliss. After receiving an extensive education in Western Herbalism, Holistic Nutrition, and Reflexology, she founded EcoFlora, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit with SWIHA students Rosemary Sova and Scot Roberts, which aims to support local ecological awareness of indigenous plants, as well as education around plant sustainability and the healing qualities of medicinal herbs.

One of the ways EcoFlora achieves these goals is through its online directory—a liaison between local businesses which participate in the renewal and integrity of the earth and an opportunity for fostering the development of a stronger, more sustainable community.

Heather shares, “My greatest lesson was that I can live my passion and support others to live their passions. That is the greatest thing in the world to me.”

Jason & Kerri Zelich, Massage Therapists & Energy Workers, ONE TRIBE Yoga & Wellness

Jason-and-Kerri-SWIHA-Great-Graduates-Yoga-Teacher-Training-1Kerri and Jason Zelich decided to make the move to Tempe, Arizona from Paris, France to fulfill Kerri’s dream to study therapeutic massage and energy work at SWIHA, and Jason followed suit shortly thereafter and enrolled in SWIHA’s 750 Hour Massage Therapy Program.

Now, Kerri and Jason used their education to launch ONE TRIBE Yoga & Wellness, a 3000 square-foot center located in Tempe, Arizona, which includes a yoga studio, two therapy rooms, a showering facility, and a lobby with a retail entrance.

ONE TRIBE offers a multitude of classes—including Hot Vinyasa, Yin, Deep Zen Flow, and more—with the foundational style of the studio reflects an Ashtanga lineage.

They say: “ONE TRIBE’s mission is to unite and elevate the community by delivering empowering yoga classes, nurturing massage and bodywork, healing Ayurvedic modalities, and mindful meditation.”

Tory Dube, Holistic Nutritionist and Hypnotherapist, Transformational Coaching Services

Tory-Dube-SWIHA-Great-Graduate-3With the goal of self-healing in mind, Tory Dube enrolled in and graduated from the Mind-Body Transformational Psychology program with a focus on Hypnotherapy.

“My time at SWIHA guided me to identify my personal brilliance, amplify that message, and better serve the people in my life,” Tory says.

Tory’s focus is helping women overcome binge eating and body shame. Her influence can be found across many platforms, including her podcast, social media posts, her Facebook group called Healthy Happy Party People, and one-on-one sessions with clients.

“I impact clients by introducing them to their inherent brilliance and allowing them to see themselves in their full power,” she shares.

In addition to her coaching business, Tory is a motivational speaker, children’s book author, hosts wellness retreats and her podcast, “An Excellent Example of Being Human,” can be found on iTunes!

Nyla Jones, Yoga Teacher & Mindfulness Coach, Healing for Public

Nyla-Jones-SWIHA-Great-Graduate-3Nyla Jones is a graduate of Southwest Institute of Healing Arts’ Yoga & Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner programs who found her purpose in the middle of a Yoga class.

She says: “I will never forget the class where we held poses for ten minutes. The instructor said: ‘Breathe, pick your focus, and imagine how kids feel when they are pushed to their edge’. I cried, and cried, and released something I never thought possible. I knew what I wanted to do.”

Inspired by her sister’s experience as a person with Down syndrome, Nyla went to work and began a non-profit organization called Healing for Public. Rooted in the belief that every person has the power to create their best life, Nyla has dedicated herself to providing wellness tools for people with disabilities.

 “I can’t be happier than a woman with Down syndrome greets another person with autism with a ‘Namaste.’ It makes my soul smile. Everything I learned at SWIHA is the base for all I do.”  Nyla explains.

Live Your Unique Vision With Support From SWIHA!

  • In all of the degree or diploma programs, there are entrepreneurial business classes built right into the program. Holistic Entrepreneur and Business Development classes are also open for anyone to enroll in.
  • For SWIHA students and graduates, the Success Center is open for business coaching and support. There are two full time coaches staffed in the office who have proven success in their field of business. There are also computers set up for student use, so come in and work on your business surrounded by others doing the same!
  • There’s a private Business Building & Branding Facebook group just for students and graduates, where we post tips, live videos, challenges, strategies, and encourage learning from peers.
  • We host Business & Branding Webinars covering all things entrepreneurship and business, including getting started, email marketing, branding, target market, legal & tax information, plus more.
  • OurSuccessCenter.com is a resource where our students and graduates can learn about opportunities in their field, find events and rental spaces.
  • Greatgraduates.com is a place for SWIHA graduates to list their business so clients can easily search for and contact them.

Pursue Your Passion!

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