Tammy Coin: Unlocking the Next Generation of Thought Leaders

Posted by Daniel Borgertpoepping on 1/22/18 8:00 AM

For Tammy Coin, wellness is not a destination; it’s a magical adventure through a hall of mirrors hidden behind locked doors. Tammy also believes that the key to unlocking those doors and understanding the confusing reflections in that hall lies in developing a conscious awareness of our own life stories.

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Tammy's story begins with a history of childhood trauma and abuse and complex PTSD, factors which created a strong sense of separation from other people within her... something which other survivors of trauma can certainly relate to and understand. "We often have feelings of not being enough, being empty, unseen, unheard, invisible and like nobody gets us,” Tammy articulates. “Naturally, I attract clients with similar histories. There is no greater gift than to feel seen and heard... to feel that somebody ‘gets it.’”

And while Tammy originally started her life coaching path focusing on wellness for adult survivors of trauma and childhood abuse through her business, The Doors of Wellness, her interests have now evolved. "Shift was needed," she explains. "Spirit is always testing my reliability!" She has now taken a powerful step forward into her current niche: transformational life coaching and spiritual coaching for professionals, “Type A hippies,” and dreamers with a deep desire to make a difference in the world. She calls these new brand of individuals who seek her coaching “Future Thought Leaders,” and through her work with them, Tammy’s passion is ignited. "My clients are hungry, eager, and ready for transformation," she confesses.

One of the transformations which Tammy is most proud of involved an out-of-the-ordinary approach. A client who was struggling with his weight, body image, and people pleasing came to her in search of answers. Because he owned his own business and spent most of his days either on the phone or on the road, he was not available for face-to-face sessions. As a solution, Tammy developed her "Growth on the Go" method, requiring the client to send her daily 20 minute voice recording. By listening to these recordings, Tammy was able to detect patterns in his languaging... and, ultimately, in his entire life. In asking the right questions in response to those audio notes, Tammy and her client were able to break through patterns that had kept him stuck for nearly 52 years!

Tammy 3_edited.jpgPerhaps what makes Tammy so powerful when interacting with clients who have had difficult paths is that she sees all situations in life as having polarity: a continuous fluctuation between top and bottom, dark and light, good and bad.

“To truly reach a state of conscious living, I began to see the value in every situation in my life,” she explains. “While my early training may not have been the best example of 'what to do' with a child, the lessons and skills I received continue to shape me and give me strength.”

Even as an adult, life's curveballs haven't been able to shake her strength. After a spiritual awakening in 2014 pushed her to begin her life coaching journey, she relocated 1000 miles and says her life began to unravel. In that time, she faced homelessness and the end of her marriage and career. Yet, she views those difficult experiences (and all the challenges she overcame earlier in her life) as preparation for her to make an impact on the Future Thought Leaders with whom she now works. In developing her awareness of self, she found her way through that maze of perception.

“I’ve been through a lot in my life... so much so that it overwhelms people when they hear even the most minimal pieces of my story,” Tammy reflects. “I was given all the experiences of my life so that I would be ready now. I was given a voice to speak so others know that I will hear them and see them like nobody else can.”

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