Train Your Brain: How James Patrick is Transforming Personal Training 

Posted by Staff on 1/28/18 8:00 AM

You may have learned to lift weights, run sprints, and do lunges under the guidance of a personal trainer at your local gym… yet where do you go if it is your mind that needs to get in shape? Perhaps to SWIHA Life Coaching Graduate James Patrick, who is serving as a Lifestyle Trainer with a focus on what he calls “personal training—both inside and out.”

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“While I’m often training the physical form of my clients, it is also about training the mind in every other aspect of their life as well,” James explains. “If it’s not the physical body I’m being called to train, I find that I’m called to serve as a motivational speaker and coach, to inspire, and to help others organize and prioritize specific needs. It’s about creating a more efficient lifestyle by embracing new life patterns and habits for those who multi-task too much, who have poor time management or organizational skills, or who lack the ability to hold themselves accountable to their end purpose.”

James has always been inspired and drawn to public figures like Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, and Wayne Dyer, so he knew that he wanted to use his coaching to project the kind of positive, powerful, and contagious energy that they seemed to possess—as well as the aggressive, tough love approach. James’ upbringing as a native New Yorker resonated with this methodology; he was also influenced by the work ethic ingrained in his home life and the structure and discipline of his military friends.

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While James’ coaching may sound tough, it’s simply because he has the dedication, credentials, and experience to back up his methods. “I’ve been practicing what I preach for the better part of ten years now,” he confides. “Everything that I have learned and the tools which I use with my members, I have used for myself.”

One such tool is an adaptation of James’ making of the More or Less tool: “It focuses on the Seven Lifestyle Categories: Relationships/Personal, Financial, Business/Career, Fun/Recreation, Health/Fitness, Contribution, and Faith/Spirituality.” In using this approach, James is able to help his clients discern which categories they are experiencing abundance in and which categories they find lacking. “Once they are done, we know which categories to hold off on and which ones to focus on,” James says. “Player’s choice always!”

James himself is moved by the process of “making shift happen” for and with his clients. “I love how simple it can be at times and how much people need to learn or remember how much potential they have,” he says. “As humans, we tend to overcomplicate our own processes or get really good at telling the stories and excuses that hold us back from our greatest selves. When I can cut through all the nonsense and get to the point where one of my clients has an emotional breakthrough, not breakdown, then I know it’s working.”

In the end, it’s evident that James’ clients have nothing short of glowing reviews for his bold coaching style:

“When I first came to James, I needed help with managing my time, as I was struggling to finish a book I was writing. Next, I knew I wanted to start working on my physical self again. I thought, ‘Oh, this won’t be too hard. I can do this easily.’ I was totally wrong. James came in and kicked my butt up one side and down the other. While, yes, he pushed me much farther than I even really thought I could go, I am more than grateful for him doing so. James pushed me to achieve my goal weight, and thanks to him, I am now pushing for even more. I have tried working with others in the past on my physical goals. However, I can wholeheartedly say that James is the best lifestyle trainer I have worked with, and he has done more for me than I could express.”

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