Everything’s Coming Up Roses: Sharon Rose Talks Styling Souls

Posted by Staff on 1/25/18 8:00 AM

For Sharon Rose, 2017 was the year of identity crisis. She had finished school and launched her business, yet was still suffering from a sense of disconnection. Nothing was resonating. After so after working up the courage to leave a truly toxic relationship, to deconstruct her old life coaching website, and to overhaul her personal image, she was out on her own again... and suddenly faced with the opportunity to become her most authentic self. 

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I went from a focus on 'becoming the goddess' to 'I AM the goddess,'" Sharon explains, "and it all started unfolding out of awareness. 

This awareness began when Sharon started to look around at her group of artist friends and her new partner Adam, who is a musician, and realized that she didn't feel that she did anything creative in comparison. It was Adam who reacted to this with complete disbelief. "Are you kidding me," Sharon remembers him asking. "Your entire life is art! How you flow and bring people together is total creation." 

This thought stuck with Sharon and planted within her the seed of a new era. Sharon realized that she didn't have to belong to one set of standards, one group of friends, or one notion of "self"... and that her ultimate power lies in bring people together and being a part of it all. She made the bold move to shift her entire life coaching model from a focus on guiding women to eventually embody the goddess to working with women to understand that they already are the goddess.

"When women begin to respect and love themselves, they can love and respect each other, and that's when we can affect and change the world," she says. "So the questions became: Now that we are goddesses, how do we do that? What is our art? How do we express ourselves? What's our passion once we already know that we are powerful and can manifest? Once we understand that we can do everything we dream of? The recognition is that every thought, word, and action is used to create art and that life is art in motion."  

Naturally, Sharon's own confidence skyrocketed as a result of this powerful shift. "I'm finally myself," she shares. "And that's a really special and exciting thing for me to say out loud because it's not a place I've always been in. I'm in a place where I don't really take what other people think of me personally anymore, and it's this mad liberation. This creative, pink-haired, sparkly person had always been there... she was just hidden. When I look back now at the my five or six-year-old self, I can see that I've become the person I always wanted to be."

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Now Sharon is happily life coaching with a vision in mind of styling souls; she operates with the clear understanding that no one else is going to create what you can create or be who you are, so you have the daily opportunity to use life as a blank canvas. All that's required is the inner knowing that you can! "If it makes me uncomfortable, I have to do it," she says. "I choose to do it. That's where the magic happens." 

Sharon's favorite tool for building confidence in her clients is the "Flower of Life"— her own spin on the classic coaching tool "The Wheel of Balance"—which she says is incredibly effective in showing people where they can plant seeds and grow their garden in their own lives. Yet, her most potent tool is actually herself:

"In the circles that I lead, I show up as authentically as possible. I invite my clients into this space by showing up 100%— bad stuff, too. My baseline is always grateful and happy, yet there's naturally ebbs and flows to life and to coaching. I navigate those highs and lows as authentically as possible. Everything that I do is with the mindset of growing community, and I live my life in a way that I hope inspires people to do so." 

Sharon's ultimate takeaway is simple, yet profound: "Life isn’t perfect. You’re going to have days where you crawl under the covers and cry, and there’ll be days that you laugh uncontrollably... and that’s great too. Get excited about life. Get excited about everything. Feel everything."

Bloom from within!

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