Love is All You Need: Gabriela Milan on Becoming Your Own Guru

Posted by Tim Barber on 1/19/18 8:00 AM

When Gabriela Milan was 16, she was ready to end it all. Struggling with eating disorders, health problems, and depression, she had just about hit rock bottom. At that point in time, she felt like there would be no end to her misery unless she put a stop to it herself. In that dark hour of desperation, someone noticed her and took the time to really talk to her. Those 10 minutes of conversation saved her life. While Gabriela doesn’t even remember what it was that he said to her in those moments that helped her to find herself, she does remember how it made her feel: “It gave me the hope I needed. It shook me. It woke me up. It reminded me that I was special. I promised myself that I had to do that for someone else someday.”

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Now, as a Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master, that is exactly what Gabriela does. In her business, Amor Healing Place, she specializes in helping people to find themselves, discover love for themselves, and create purpose in their lives. Gabriela works with the mind, body, and soul to create body positivity, showing her clients how to love themselves as they are while empowering them to make changes in their thought processes and their health. Love is her superpower, and she explains that love is the first step to meaningful change and happiness. I love teaching women—as well as my lovely male clients, of course—that we are divine love…  that deep inside we do love ourselves because we are love. We just have to remember who we truly are,” Gabriela explains. Love is just what we all need. I think once you love yourself, it empowers you to be your own guru.”

Gabriela 4_edited.jpgOne of Gabriela’s favorite tools to use in her coaching sessions is Charting your Story, which involves listening to clients’ stories that weaken them and then asking questions that transform those stories into powerful experiences. This provides an opportunity to heal from and push forward past traumas. “I love seeing their faces when they realize that many of these stories are blessings,” she says. I adore seeing the sparkle in their eyes as they have those breakthroughs that give them relief and a different perspective, as well as hope and faith that whatever is happening is happening for them, not to them.”

Gabriela also believes strongly in the power of attraction and sees it happening in the clients who come to her. Many of her clients are women who are experiencing the same things that she has experienced herself—negative self-image, lack of self-esteem, feelings of hopelessness—which gives her a powerful perspective of experience to work with. She has even been able to return the gift she was given when she was 16 to several teenagers, helping them to shed the suicidal thoughts that had been shackling them to darkness so that they can find peace, love, and hope in their own hearts. When she speaks of her work, you can feel that she is serving her clients with love and that these sessions are as powerful for her as they are for her clients. “I treasure every moment I spend with my clients, and I know that I will hold these memories until my last day,” she reflects. “I am inspired by them every single day, and for that I am eternally grateful.”

Visit Gabriela’s website to download her free Ebook, “5 Powerful Steps to Love Yourself,” read her blog posts, book sessions, or sign up for classes to learn Reiki!

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