Putting Back the Pieces: Christine Iring Talks the Puzzle of the Present Moment

Posted by Staff on 1/27/18 8:00 AM

Five years ago, Christine Iring’s life was falling apart. She had hit rock bottom and was unsure what was around the corner; she knew only, with the guidance of a therapist, that she had a responsibility to “do her work.”

And do her work she did! Over the course of three years, Christine steadfastly examined herself, even as the world continued to swirl and change around her. This period of transformation culminated in Christine moving to the Phoenix area and enrolling at SWIHA. “As soon as I walked in the building, I knew I found my new home,” she confides. “My first class was Life Coaching Foundations. Between the vibe, the instructors, the people that understood ‘my language,’ and learning the protocol for transforming lives, I knew this was part of my calling. I was on my way to being a life coach.”

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Since taking that fateful life coaching class, Christine has continued to explore modalities which capture her interest. She became a Reiki Master through SWIHA and is currently enrolled in the Hypnotherapy Clinic, as well. “I have done more growing and more inner work in the last six months than I have in forever,” she gushes. “It is through that growing process that I came to SWIHA, and what a blessing that was! I learned of my gifts and talents, and now I can use them to help serve others in a positive way.”

Christine is putting those talents to good use in forwarding the healing journeys of others. “In working with a client, I see it as a jigsaw puzzle of the present moment which requires putting the proper pieces together,” she explains. “This involves asking the right questions, the client going through the thought process (and sometimes the emotional process), and knowing what life coaching tool would be most beneficial.” When working through these puzzles with her clients, Christine finds herself delighted by the joy, warmth, and commitment that she experiences in guiding and healing others—particularly when their mutual work shifts those clients into a place of greater confidence, happiness, security, and accountability.

Christine 2_edited.jpg“I was there once, and I can relate to how my clients feel,” she says. “It is because of this that a true connection is made between my clients and me. It is also why I named my practice The Wounded Healer. It is now my mission to help heal the wounded.”

It’s no surprise then that Christine has found her niche as a life coach in truly listening to her client’s words. She finds that the best way to facilitate profound realizations for clients is to point them back in the direction of their own language choices, asking them, “Now what does this mean?” “In doing this, I believe it makes the client notice that the courage, the thought, the desire is already in them to move forward. When I hear my clients say things like, ‘Wow, I really said that? I never noticed,’ I know it will be an amazing session!”

In closing, Christine is self-assured that she has found her life’s purpose: “I love being able to be part of this beautiful work, and along the way I have acquired a few more modalities that make life coaching even more meaningful. Doing this work is my passion, and I do truly feel that Spirit is guiding me. When a client has a breakthrough or has worked through some tough issues, the joy, surprise, and happiness they feel is beautiful thing. I can truly feel their joy! I was there once, and I know what it feels like to conquer that mountain.”

Heal the Wounded

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