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Shelley Tom, Dean of Students – On-campus is located in the Student Services office at SWIHA on the man campus at 1538 E. Southern Ave. in Tempe, Arizona.

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New Online Program: Become a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach!

Posted by Shelley Tom on 6/25/20 4:00 PM

Just as taking a program at SWIHA is transformational, so is creating one. And, it starts from the same place—identifying a need!

The impetus for this program came from noticing an important clarity that emerged from our current Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Practitioner program (HNWP). 

The HNWP is an excellent program which aligns with National Association for Nutritional Professionals (NANP).  As a result, the program is heavily saturated in holistic nutrition and science education.

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Welcome home Shelley Tom: Her Life’s Work has been as a “Labor of Love”

Posted by Shelley Tom on 9/4/15 4:40 AM

SWIHA is excited to announce the arrival of Shelley Tom as our Dean of Students, on-campus. In this newly created role, Shelley will be hold the mantle of responsibility as the Student Advocate & Success Coach, charged with ‘holding space’ for student’s academic, spiritual and personal growth, building a strong on-campus community, and leading our wonderful Student Services team.

Many of you may be familiar with the Hero’s Journey, as it is included in much of the curricula at SWIHA. A large part of Shelley’s personal Hero’s Journey started many years ago, at SWIM, Southwest Institute of Myotherapy, the name of the school as it was founded 23 years ago. In fact, Shelley was in the very first massage class the college offered. At the time, 200 hours was all that was required to be licensed as a massage therapist in Scottsdale, Arizona. Her life was forever influenced, as she learned how to open her mind and think differently about her values, her body and most importantly, about Spirit. Shelley’s training changed the way she looked at the world and how she understood the ‘mind-body-spirit’ connection. In our interview, she recalls her journey back to SWIHA, how her life changed after her initial program at SWIM, her personal and professional healing work experiences, and what she’s looking forward to helping to expand here at SWIHA!

Can you tell us a bit more about how your life was forever influenced by taking the massage program?

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