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In 2016, Lizzy House swan dove out of her corporate finance career to follow her passion for helping you weed whack your fears to unearth and pursue your own passions. She is an RYT200 certified yoga teacher and SWIHA-trained transformational life coach. She was born to ask questions that help you connect to your truest self, purpose, and bliss. She spends as much time in the flow state as possible, in conversation, writing, reading, practicing yoga, meditating, hiking, playing guitar, and doing at least one thing that scares her every day. Connect with Liz through instagram @housiepants, email house.ec@gmail.com, or through her blog www.thedowndoganddirty.yoga

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Are We There Yet?! -  6 Mindfulness Tips for the Trip to Inner Peace

Posted by Lizzy House on 5/21/18 2:00 PM

Too often, I meet people on their spiritual path who are fed up with their lack of progress, lack of knowledge, lack of you-name-it... Often, these are the same people whose every inch of last spring’s vision board has already come true, who have grown leaps and bounds in the past year, and who have a long list of achievements already under their belt.

Despite the “bigger picture” of their overwhelming success, these folks tend to fall into a pit of despair in reaction to their recent missteps or scattered goals. They devote more time to suffering over their mistakes than creating, learning, healing, and growing. They open the door to self-criticism and, in doing so, slam the door shut on universal guidance. And, on top of it all, you can bet that these rock stars are painfully aware of their self-sabotaging behavior… and are adding that, too, to their growing catalog of “weaknesses.”

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