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Following her "hART": Great Graduate Lisa Hecke's Road to Entrepreneurship

Posted by Jenna Zizzo on 3/20/15 4:42 AM

Six years ago, Lisa Hecke felt lost. More than that, she was frustrated, angry and unhappy. No longer satisfied in her day job, Lisa found herself hunched over her knees, crying, sobbing, and seeking a new path. She recalls asking aloud for help, gasping through tears and heart wrenching sobs.

“Please show me how to be happy again,” she begged the universe. “If I am meant to stay at this job then please show me how to be happy there, but if I am meant to move on then please show me where to go.”

Suddenly, Lisa says, in one breath her entire body relaxed. A sense of calm washed over her, and she was finally able to surrender. This surrendering and asking for change was the first step on Lisa’s journey to career transformation. Almost immediately, Lisa began to see great opportunities open up before her very eyes, in the areas of interest she always wanted to pursue.

One such opportunity was Yoga Teacher Training. The days and times of the training program aligned perfectly with Lisa’s schedule, so she knew she couldn’t pass it up. Even though the cost of the training was a big financial investment for her, Lisa put her deposit down and as if out of nowhere, the rest of the money presented itself.

“Everything was flowing and it was a clear indication that this was the right thing to do,” Lisa shares.

Once her yoga teacher training hours were complete, Lisa began pursuing other interests, such as Aromatherapy. During her yoga teacher training, she learned a little bit about

Aromatherapy, and used essential oils to help soothe her body from all of the new and different physical movement that goes along with teacher training. “The oils helped to soothe my muscles and at times my spirit,” Lisa says. She wanted to learn all about this time honored healing modality, so she enrolled in the 100 hour Certificate of Excellence Aromatherapy program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA). “I saw this as another example of my spirit guiding me toward my interests,” says Lisa.

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Core Strength Vinyasa: Foundation. Core. Expression.

Posted by Jenna Zizzo on 2/3/15 2:50 AM

By Jenna Zizzo

When the word ‘core’ is used in a yoga class, thoughts of six-pack abs often come to mind, a picture of what most people often refer to as the ‘outer core’ or the ‘superficial’ abdominal muscles. While anatomically correct, there’s another core, our ‘Deep Core Line’, which is more of aligned with the purpose in our yoga practice.

A new type of yoga is beginning to sweep the nation. This yoga, called Core Strength Vinyasa, is a unique perspective on the overall practice of yoga. Founded by New York-based yoga teacher Sadie Nardini, Core Strength Vinyasa (CSV) focuses on our ‘Deep Core Line’, allowing us to practice and bring awareness to the core of each yoga pose. The process of CSV is drawing inward, becoming empowered through the poses and learning to move from our deep center – the core of our being!

The Deep Core Line that Sadie refers to in Core Strength Vinyasa is a myofascial line or meridian that begins in the arch of our feet, and travels up our mid-line, through the oh-so-important psoas muscle, into our torso and up and out through our tongue!

Core Strength Vinyasa is its own expression of Hatha yoga, as well as a set of physical and energetic alignment principles, core postures and even core philosophies that teachers or students can use to boost the benefits of any style of yoga. It has been said that Core Strength Vinyasa is one of the most effective yoga practices for creating changes both inside and outside the body.

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Why Yoga Alliance?

Posted by Jenna Zizzo on 1/13/15 1:01 AM

By Jenna Zizzo, Guest Blogger

It’s no secret that yoga and all things holistic are on the rise in America. Once considered esoteric by some, and often perceived as being practiced only by those who fell into the category of “hippie” or “granola,” recent decades have demonstrated how yoga has catapulted into mainstream society, becoming a popular way for people to stay in shape, relax and connect with their higher selves.

It is widely known that the history of yoga dates back to ancient India. While there isn’t any official written proof as to the exact date that yoga began, there are many accounts online and in books about the birth of yoga, and how it came to America from India. However, what is even less documented is the history of yoga teaching.

It’s been written and recorded that one yogi taught another who then brought those teachings to another individual or group, and the tradition and philosophy was passed down from person to person, group to group. From old school yoga masters such as Patanjali and his yoga sutras and B.K.S. Iyengar’s alignment instruction, to contemporary instructors like Tara Stiles and Sean Corn, the influence of yoga in America is an essential part of today’s culture.

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Stress Relief Through Hypnotherapy and Meditation

Posted by Jenna Zizzo on 10/20/14 5:22 AM

By Jenna Zizzo

Stress is one the biggest issues plaguing most Americans

Today’s fast-paced world can have a multitude of effects on us, ranging from physical effects such as high blood pressure or insomnia, mental or emotional effects such as high levels anxiety, and even spiritual effects, by bringing us further away from whichever spiritual connection we choose to attain. According to a July 2014 article from NPR, in which more than 2,500 adults across the country were surveyed, 49 percent reported to have had a “major stressful event or experience in the past year.”

We need a method for calming our minds,
healing our bodies and freeing our souls

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My Journey to Self Confidence through Teaching Yoga

Posted by Jenna Zizzo on 9/25/14 6:36 AM

A funny thing happened to me when I taught my first yoga class ...

I was standing front and center in the yoga room, nervously cuing my students into a warrior pose and inwardly praying that my voice wasn’t shaking too much, when I noticed something. A man a couple mats away from me was in Warrior II, with his head turned to the side, and his gaze directed right at me. At first it made me uncomfortable and insecure. “Why does he keep looking at me?” I thought to myself. Then I figured it out – he was listening to me! He was waiting for ME to guide him into the next pose. DUH! Why else would he be there?

Quickly I figured out that these students were looking to me for guidance! Whoa - what a realization! Never before had I been in a position of ‘authority’ like that – but I liked it! Immediately, my confidence level increased. My voice became stronger; I stepped away from my mat and began weaving myself between the rows of students while guiding them through the next standing sequence.

During the last two years I have been teaching two to seven yoga classes per week. I’ve noticed a lot of internal and external changes since I began teaching, with the biggest shift being an increase in my confidence.

I’ve never been a meek or mild person; I have what some might call a ‘strong personality’. However, there are areas of my life where I’ve noticed my confidence level has improved since I began teaching. It is a lot easier to make decisions, and I rarely question a decision I made once I make it (something I used to do ALL the time). Teaching yoga has helped me learn how to think on my feet and stick with a decision once I make it.

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