Following her "hART": Great Graduate Lisa Hecke's Road to Entrepreneurship

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Six years ago, Lisa Hecke felt lost. More than that, she was frustrated, angry and unhappy. No longer satisfied in her day job, Lisa found herself hunched over her knees, crying, sobbing, and seeking a new path. She recalls asking aloud for help, gasping through tears and heart wrenching sobs.

“Please show me how to be happy again,” she begged the universe. “If I am meant to stay at this job then please show me how to be happy there, but if I am meant to move on then please show me where to go.”

Suddenly, Lisa says, in one breath her entire body relaxed. A sense of calm washed over her, and she was finally able to surrender. This surrendering and asking for change was the first step on Lisa’s journey to career transformation. Almost immediately, Lisa began to see great opportunities open up before her very eyes, in the areas of interest she always wanted to pursue.

One such opportunity was Yoga Teacher Training. The days and times of the training program aligned perfectly with Lisa’s schedule, so she knew she couldn’t pass it up. Even though the cost of the training was a big financial investment for her, Lisa put her deposit down and as if out of nowhere, the rest of the money presented itself.

“Everything was flowing and it was a clear indication that this was the right thing to do,” Lisa shares.

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Once her yoga teacher training hours were complete, Lisa began pursuing other interests, such as Aromatherapy. During her yoga teacher training, she learned a little bit about

Aromatherapy, and used essential oils to help soothe her body from all of the new and different physical movement that goes along with teacher training. “The oils helped to soothe my muscles and at times my spirit,” Lisa says. She wanted to learn all about this time honored healing modality, so she enrolled in the 100 hour Certificate of Excellence Aromatherapy program at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA). “I saw this as another example of my spirit guiding me toward my interests,” says Lisa.

Lo and behold, soon another passion presented itself to Lisa, this time in the form of hypnotherapy. She experienced a life changing hypnotherapy session, and after that initial session, she claims she became witness to how beneficial hypnotherapy can be. So Lisa found herself back at SWIHA, taking class from Hypnotherapy Program Director Linda Bennett, studying how to become a hypnotherapist.

A year after receiving her Hypnotherapy certification, and two years after completing her yoga teacher training and aromatherapy certification, Lisa was finally in a place where she felt comfortable leaving her day job to pursue her dream of building her own business.

Lisa created Sacred hARTS, a business that offers a multitude of different services. “My business encompasses many things, all of which I believe can lead to healing and transformation,” Lisa explains.

Sacred hARTS offers private sessions to clients, including yoga, reiki, hypnotherapy and aromatherapy, in addition to the studio classes Lisa teaches weekly. She also offers a variety of classes and workshops throughout the year, such as workshops for yoga teachers and practitioners, self-empowerment, meditation and reiki workshops.

“I teach a really cool workshop where I combine Gentle yoga with Hypnotherapy scripts,” Lisa says of one of her favorite workshops. “It’s amazing how many students have walked away with life transformation.”

In addition to her workshops, private sessions and classes, Lisa also offers a number of retreats throughout the year. Some interesting retreats Sacred hARTS clients often enjoy are Ocean Yoga Retreats, Yoga and Wine Retreats and Self-Empowerment Retreats.

Lisa works with clients from all walks of life. Most of her private clients are often people who have hit a dead end and are ready to move forward in some aspect of their life; most come to her looking for self-empowerment. “I also see a number of individuals who are in need of healing their own inner child or are in need of some inner child work,” she says.

What Lisa’s clients love most about her is that she helps them feel safe and supported throughout their entire session or class.

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Lisa’s clients often experience feelings of relaxation, and a sense of calm and peacefulness, whether it’s a yoga class, a hypnotherapy session or an aromatherapy workshop.

Since Lisa has a lot to offer with Sacred hARTS, she understands the importance of marketing her business. Social media marketing, mostly Facebook and Twitter, is a large part of her marketing efforts. However, she also sends out newsletter to keep her clients and potential clients in the know about upcoming workshops. She will also market her services and workshop to other local yoga studios.

While Lisa is experiencing a lot of success with Sacred hARTS, getting the business off the ground took some time and energy. She experienced challenges as well as some fear when beginning her business. “Had I left my job at the time that I was feeling all of this fear I would have failed at my business because my fear was larger than my foundation,” she confesses. “So I began to build my foundation.”

That foundation consisted of first creating a savings account. To feel secure as a business owner and holistic entrepreneur, Lisa needed to save enough money to sustain herself for at least one year in case her business didn’t take off. Her foundation also needed a business plan, as well as monthly goals. Most importantly, her business foundation needed love and trust; lots and lots of trust. Finally, her foundation needed peace to replace the fear. Once all of this was in place, Lisa felt secure enough to leave her job and work on her business full time. “It was setting that foundation that was the hardest for me,” she confirms. “Once that came, everything else flowed… as it always does when something is right.”

As a successful business owner and holistic entrepreneur, Lisa has one message to help and encourage those who are hoping to launch a business: “Work hard at setting your foundation. LISTEN to the signs that the Universe is sending you and when you are ready the only thing left will be to TRUST!”

To book a session with Lisa, visit her website at www.sacredharts.com. If you are interested in learning more about SWIHA's Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy or Yoga Teacher Training programs, call 480-994-9244 and ask to speak with an Admissions Coach.

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