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Posted by Taylor Jablonowski on 4/30/20 1:10 PM

Stories have been used in every culture, every language, to connect us to a larger self and universal truths. Whether they are myths, songs, paintings, or traditions, storytelling helps form a common goal, honor sacrifices, and pass down knowledge. They also have the ability to transport us to another time, place, or body and allow us to empathize with an experience we’ve never had.


There are two pretty amazing women who are leaving quite a legacy by capturing the stories of hundreds of women of all ages in a series of books. Living Brave...Finishing Strong is the fourth book of the Living Brave series by Dr. Hilda Villaverde and Mary Beth Stern.

In their latest book, they share the life journeys of 45 women, ages 7 to 95 -- including SWIHA’s own KC Miller and Sharon Rose! The women’s lives are presented as a progression through four quarters, asking those in each stage to share their evolution as they have grown, changed, and progressed. 

Some of the provocative question each woman reflected upon and answered for the book were:

  • Do you know who you are becoming or have become?
  • At what point did you know you were enough?
  • What fears, if any, come up for you?

“My greatest transformation came through my own self-reflections and decisions to be and do life differently,” writes Sharon Rose in the book, “It took, and continues to take, a daily awareness and willingness to show up in my truth, express my power, and use my voice in a way that inspires me from within. From this place, I can face my fears with courage, leading with love, trust, and faith in my everyday life.”

Hilda and Mary Beth recognize the transformative effects of stories. They certainly have their own powerful stories:

HildaHilda has had a career in the beauty industry for four decades. She has been a very successful entrepreneur as the owner of Pluma Designs, a salon studio in Scottsdale, She has a doctorate in Religious Studies with a minor in Pastoral Counseling.  Her legacy is held within the seven books she has authored, including the Living Brave series. She is dedicated to motivating and leading women to reach their highest potential in both their personal and professional lives.

Mary BethMary Beth has been a public relations, marketing, and special events consultant for 20 years, serving those looking to increase visibility and profit in their business.  She has given a voice to numerous businesses and organizations and has brought her distinctive touch to fashion shows, presentations, and events.  As the co-author of three books in the Living Brave series with Hilda, one of her legacy statements included in the latest Living Brave book is, “I choose to be the author of my life -- to write, live and love my story with joy.”

Stories are the ultimate way to connect with other humans, other cultures, and other lifepaths. They are a uniquely human gift to us from the universe!  Each story within the book reflects that persistence and resilience are the secrets to finishing strong. You will experience that each contributor doesn’t just observe life  – they are a willing participant.

When asked to choose a legacy quote, KC Miller, founder of SWIHA, confided in her book chapter that it would be, “When you get the idea, you get the invitation”. KC goes on to explain that how she believes we allow others, or ourselves, to talk us out of our dreams and the spiritual downloads we get. She will share more about this at the upcoming Gifts and Graces!

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During the upcoming Gifts and Graces event, the authors will open the book and bring to life some of the voices of the women; their stories, insights, and motivations while creating a platform for others to consider and remember their own journey of becoming and ultimately finishing strong.

Through their inspiring series of books, Dr. Hilda Villaverde and Mary Beth Stern garnered women’s tales of challenges and joys, which offer readers a powerful view of courage and sustainability in everyday living.

Join us for an inspirational night.

Come Along On a Life-Changing Journey with Hilda & Mary Beth!

Living Brave is expanding into a vibrant series of books that feature inspiring life experiences from which we can all learn and grow.  Within the Living Brave Series of books we have brought forth the concept of women lifting others through sharing their stories of living bravely.

We trust that within the pages of the books you will hear clearly their voices and reap the benefits of those who have sincerely shared both their personal and professional lives.

The stories reach out and connect us with each other as women, daughters, sisters, mothers, workers and for some, business owners and leaders in our community.

Our sincere desire for you, our reader, is that you will discover at least one practical idea, skill or change you can incorporate that will bring you peace and a vision of optimism for the future, and that you will imagine and feel yourself becoming a more courageous woman, lifting others through your own life story.

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