How to Move Forward as an Entrepreneur When You Are Experiencing Self-Doubt

Posted by Jade Marvin on 8/18/22 4:00 PM


It is easy to feel self-doubt when you are an aspiring entrepreneur. Imposter syndrome starts to creep into your mind and you begin to feel like you aren’t up to the challenge that a once “eager you” was so excited about. You may even feel the need to protect yourself, stay where you are comfortable, and not really put yourself or your business out there. When this happens, you start holding yourself back from your most true and highest potential. What can you do now? There are many ways to push yourself forward even when it feels uncomfortable! Learn how to ditch your self-doubts with the power of mantras.

What is a Mantra?

According to Oxford Dictionary, a Mantra is a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. Chanting or reciting mantras is a beneficial meditative practice with spiritual roots in Hinduism and Buddhism. Though now in our mainstream vernacular, the word mantra comes from Sanskrit: man meaning mind, and tra meaning transport or vehicle. There have been several scientific studies surrounding the effects of mantras on the human psyche. A recent review at the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland looked at 37 studies that examined the effects of mantras in the general population on outcomes of anxiety, stress, depression, burnout, anger, and psychological distress. This review indicated that mantra meditation techniques do have a beneficial effect on mental health.

How to Start Working with Mantras

Oftentimes when we are starting a new business venture, changing careers, or doing something completely new to us, pesky thoughts often pop up in our minds to deter us from doing that thing we set out to do. Some may call this your ‘inner critic’ or ‘ego’. Instead of dwelling on these negative narratives in your head, let’s practice how to combat them with the power of Mantras!

Example 1) You vs. “I’m not good enough.”

I can promise you that you are not alone in this thought. 99.99999% of people have thought about this at one point in their life. Rather than dwelling on this, let’s turn the narrative around by practicing the mantra “I am enough”. The mantras you practice can be as simple as this. Repeating this short phrase out loud, in your head, or writing it down will remind you how you are already enough just as you are.

Example 2) You vs. “I won’t make money or attract clients.”

As much as we don’t want it to, money is essential to surviving in today’s world. When it comes to starting something new, let’s say your holistic aromatherapy business, the fear of attracting enough clients to make money can be a very valid and daunting thought. To combat this beast, you can search for others who are doing what you want to do with your business and see that they are making money, and if they are making money then YOU can too. If this practical application isn’t enough, practice the mantra “Gratitude is the life force of everything”. Grounding yourself and finding gratitude during this difficult time is a great way to boost your overall sense of fulfillment.

Example 3) You vs. “I’m not qualified.”

It is easy to feel inadequate when you compare yourself to others or look at the job requirements of a position you are seeking that lists high expectations that seem unachievable. The thoughts ‘I need more time, experience, and more education’ start to creep in. This fear of inadequacy will hold you back as you stay in the never-ending loop of being a ‘student’. The only way you are actually going to build confidence in this scenario is by actually putting yourself out there and getting the experience and training. A great mantra to help push yourself out of this rut is ‘One day at a time’. Ground yourself in the present, and know that you are more than capable of handling this new adventure in front of you…one.day.at.a.time.

Now, these are just recommendations and ideas for you to practice, however, the most important step of all when practicing mantras is to find which mantra works best for you! Everyone experiences self-doubt. New jobs, new career paths, starting up a business, and taking leaps of faith can all be daunting. Now - you have a tool to rewrite the negative narratives in your head: Mantras. By being able to reframe the narratives in your head into something that serves you, you are able to move forward with a different perspective.

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