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Laura Lapp is a SWIHA Great Graduate of the Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching Program, specializing in Holistic Nutrition. Laura has started her own business, Intuitive Moments in Wellness, and is based out of Tucson. When Laura isn’t with clients, she is hanging out with her children and pets!

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Mindfulness: Unlocking the Benefits of a Daily Routine with Laura Lapp

Posted by Laura Lapp on 10/26/23 4:00 PM

What is mindfulness? Where can you apply mindfulness in your life?

Mindfulness is to be present with what you are focusing on, in that moment. There are many different ways you can apply it within aspects of your life. We can start by creating a mindful habit that will help with being more present at the moment. This helps with the ability to be able to have non-reactive moments when fear or anxiety takes hold.

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