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Life Coaching - The Journey Inward and Forward

Posted by Laura Barnes on 3/2/15 8:37 AM

By Guest Blogger Laura Barnes

Life Coaching is a dynamic process of purposeful empowerment that sparks transformational change.

Life Coaching develops trust through the journey inward.

A masterful Life Coach helps you to listen and receive information from deep within and to trust and then act on that information.

Life Coaching requires a journey inward. This encourages a sense of rigorously honest confidence and authenticity that is rooted in trusting and believing in you.

For this journey inward, a masterful Life Coach will use a portfolio of artful coaching tools and techniques such as meditation, visualization, mantras, affirmations, the development of mindfulness, music, sounds and frequencies, colors, prayer, breathing techniques, empathy development, storytelling, signs and symbols, body awareness, dreams, archetypes, developing creativity and much more to awaken the mind.

These tools and techniques essentially help to de-clutter, calm and quiet the mind so that you can tune out all the distracting noise and nonsense and tune into your own essential truth that is available and accessible in each and every moment. This inner truth offers the humbling opportunity to guide your life in more purposeful, meaningful and joyous directions.

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