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Fatima Thornton is a great graduate of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts’ Online Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching Diploma Program. Fatima studied the Mindfulness Facilitator Specialty while in her program, and has a passion for helping others live their best life!

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Changing Your Mindset, Changes Your Life SET!

Posted by Fatima Thornton on 4/11/24 4:00 PM

Changing your mind changes your life in many ways. Going to SWIHA, I have re-evaluated many things in my life for the better. During my journey, I realized how I handled tough conversations, happiness, and even sadness was not the right way to process emotions. Shortly after realizing that, I also realized these were taught behaviors and I was seeing no growth in the person that I wanted to be in life. After dissecting myself, I noticed I had to change my mindset and the way I saw things.

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