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Dana Greenwood works as an Instructional Designer for SWIHA Online, combining her 13 years of experience as an educator together with her Healing Arts journey. When she’s not up-leveling curriculum at SWIHA, she’s coaching through her business, Equanimity 4 Lifelong Learning, receiving love from her dogs, or mermaiding as she cleans the pool in the backyard.

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‘Holding Space’ in Cyber Space: What if We Respond With Kindness?

Posted by Dana Greenwood on 2/14/19 3:00 PM

We've all heard of "Internet Trolls"--those who intentionally stir up drama and discord. They comment mean things, thrive on shocking others, and generally target complete strangers.

It's said that they best way to deal with web-bullies is to ignore them--"Don't feed the Trolls!". Some, however, attempt to create a true connection with these types of people in hopes that they begin to see others as human and will stop being hateful to strangers.

New research into the personality of Internet Trolls suggests that this practice of building their empathy for others could be one way to change their behavior for good.

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