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Brittany McDowell, located in Oklahoma, is an Online SWIHA graduate from the Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner program and Spiritual Coaching. Brittany had read tarot for about 6 years to just herself and friends when she realized she wanted to use her skills on a broader scale. She has always had a passion for helping others, and pursued her education to start her own business at SWIHA! You can find Brittany sharing her calling with the world on YouTube @divinesigns84 .

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4 Tips for Overcoming Obstacles from SWIHA Graduate Brittany McDowell

Posted by Brittany McDowell on 8/31/23 4:00 PM

In my early to mid 30’s I went through what I refer to as my mid-life crisis, I got divorced, struggled with addiction, and let a lot of negative people and negativity in general into my energy and space, in the hopes of finding/being truly loved (out of desperation). I found out my son had Chondroblastoma tumors, I was trying to help my mom who is battling cancer and basically lost myself in the pain stemming from the divorce I got from my best friend, lover, father of my children, my husband of 17 years. He was living a double life where he was struggling with addictions, and having an affair with my supervisor/best friend outside my marriage. It was like mourning the death of someone who was still alive, crazy right? He left not only me; he left our 3 children as well, and never looked back. It was a total shock in every sense. I was sort of left there standing, wondering what just happened like some sort of awkward comedy. It all happened so fast. I could hardly hold myself together let alone for 3 children, yet I had no choice.

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