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Barbara Iuliano is a certified business confidence coach for early-stage coaches. She’s the proud founder of Starland Coaching. With her skills honed by the Mind-Body Transformational Psychology program at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and her expanded business education, Barbara strives to change and enrich the lives and business of fellow coaches. She empowers women like herself to lead the lives they’ve always dreamed of yet never thought possible. Her main mission is to help new coaches make an impact while they make an income. Her authentic coaching style is based on intertwining confidence boosting skills, a profit-driven strategic approach, and consistent aligned implementation. Through her unique process, she helps her clients start and grow their business from the ground up, inside out, and straight up scratch. You can find out more about Barbara by visiting her website or emailing her: www.starlandcoaching.com info@starlandcoaching.com

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Achieve Business Success by Adding an Extra Shot of Confidence to Your Morning Routine

Posted by Barbara Iuliano on 4/3/17 8:56 AM

Our brains have a way of creating daily habits and sticking to them whether or not they are helpful to us. Most of us already have a morning routine even if we are unaware that it exists. This may include having a non-negotiable cup of coffee, brushing our teeth without exception and searching for our car keys even after we swore we would not misplace them again. All too often it seems that we are wired to repeat ourselves with little awareness that we are doing it.

Without realizing, many of us choose to start our days the same way only to find later its outcome was not what we desired. By understanding this, we can quickly transform bad habits into a routine that gives us a greater sense of control throughout the day, prepares us for its inevitable surprises, and boosts us into the satisfaction stratosphere by adding a turbo shot of confidence.

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