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Aatiyah Mcneill is 23 years old and a proud mother of a 2 going on 3-year-old daughter. Aatiyah is a current student at SWIHA, enrolled in the Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner online program. Aatiyah started this journey because she felt she needed some type of structure and started to not feel like herself. To gain personal and spiritual growth, as well as help others, she enrolled at SWIHA. Aatiyah is an Intuitive Coach, helping others find themselves again. After graduation, she wants to expand her business and help more people! A fun fact about Aatiyah is that she loves to write! At the beginning of her journey, she experienced major writer's block, and ever since she started at SWIHA, she has been able to let go more and has started to experience a love for writing again and feeling like herself again. Through this breakthrough, Aatiyah is able to get her message about her experiences across in a good way where it can be beneficial to others.

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Looking in the Mirror: A Journey to Self-Love|SWIHA Student Blog Series

Posted by Aatiyah Mcneill on 5/5/22 4:00 PM

"Keep taking time for yourself until you are you again." -Lalah Delia

A Look into our Self Love Journey:

The fact is that it is a "YOU VS YOU "battle in this life. So get it in your head that no one is coming to SAVE US EXCEPT US.

During my journey, I'm learning that the most critical part is to stop being a people pleaser and living life like everyone else matters except you because you do matter. Knowing that taking care of your needs first is essential, knowing that your feelings matter.

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