A Holistic Trifecta: Yoga with Life Coaching & Polarity

Posted by Ravynn Rohner on 1/19/17 10:00 AM

After enrolling in the Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner program, Ravynn Rohner’s first class at SWIHA was Transformational Life Coaching. She shook her head as she reflects, “I remember being awe-struck that weekend with the incredible power in 'the coaching questioning'. I realized that this is the type of work that gently forces someone to look into their hearts and psyche for the answers they’ve always been searching for. What a beautiful thought to know that we 'already know'. It's very comforting when you realize that even in the moments of doubt and darkness, we really do know what we're doing." After realizng how important this work was, she knew she wanted her life coaching certification, so she changed her entire class schedule around so she could experience and complete the entire program, plus Advanced Life Coaching with Richard Seaman, back in 2014.

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As Ravynn described the events of each life coaching weekend, she clearly remembers The Wheel and The Umbrella worksheets, which are tools for navigating life with clarity. “These two are similar in nature because they use a visual measuring system of your life. The Wheel is more about rating areas of your life with a number, like finances, family, intimacy, health, etc; and The Umbrella is rating what is present in the Self, like love, faithfulness, gentless, patience, etc. I had an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment when we got to peace. I asked myself how much inner peace I had, and I gave myself a -10. It was then that I realized how much had work I had to do. Becoming aware is the first step. The next requires a strong pickaxe to free the soul." [laughs] She continued:

"Now I said pickaxe for a reason, you know. If you don't know your garden tools, let me explain. And I have to say it with my hidden NC accent for effect: 'You take da'pickaxe when a shovel ain't gonna get the job done, ya'hear?' A pickaxe is for breaking up hardened materials or soil. When a person has created layers upon layers of protective behaviors and mentalities, they begin to harden. When a person knows so much pain, they must form a stone wall around their hearts and bodies to protect themself. At our core, we're just animals in survival mode. A person may become statuesque, and a shovel ain't gonna get it done. The beauty in it, though, is that every statue can be broken; there is a soft, gentle Being on the inside, just looking for air. You have a new respect for pickaxes, now, don't you? That makes me smile."

From then on, she finds herself asking the thought-provoking coaching questions that hold ‘the Seekers’ accountable. She described 'a Seeker' as someone who is searching for a deeper spirtual releationship with the Universe through self-study, introspective work, and mindfulness. Ravynn suggests that self-life coaching through journaling and worksheets is a highly effective way to clear out the strain and anxiety when you're feeling overwhelmed.

As part of the Mind-Body Wellness program, a student has choices of what to study. She decided to make yoga a significant part of her curriculum. She has been teaching yoga for three years, and she still remembers the night when she realized she had been using life coaching techniqued-dialog during her themed yoga classes. “I did my Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) at SWIHA and absolutely loved the philosophy and concepts of Unity Yoga. And then I found Transformational Yoga Coaching. Imagine that, right, the two together? Brilliant. Now I try to assist KC [owner and founder] with the class twice a year, and have seen the most incredible transformations in myself and the students through this work. I decided there was no reason why I couldn’t use the powerful questions of introspection and reflection in a group setting. I was teaching in Casa Grande at the time, and I ended up leaving a position because I didn't feel like the setting was for Unity Yoga, it was more athletic. I remember walking into work at SWIHA with a prayer, "Ok, I'm going to resign from the one teaching position, so God, place me where I am needed most." My next class through Parks and Recreation was completely full- 20 people. Yoga isn't a big hit down there yet, so it was a huge sign. The class valued my style of teaching, so I went for it. And my students love it. Then one day I had the thought to open up the Polarity energy channels with intention, and it was just magic. I call it the 'yoga grand trifecta'! It is so rewarding to hear people talk about my classes and hear their compliments. Tears, laughs, and talking for an hour after class became kinda a thing.”

Ravynn encourages everyone and anyone to take the Life Coaching program. "While you are learning how to coach a future client, you're partnering up with a classmate and doing the work first, to learn it, so you're getting the coaching yourself. When you see your life transform-- that's when you really get it, and then you want to be on a mountaintop somewhere shouting to everyone else how to do it because most of us want to share what we've learned to help others. The catch is that you have to be willing to do the work. You have to step up, say, 'Yup, I did/do this, and I want to change the pattern.'" One of Ravynn’s favorite life coaching quotes she got from SWIHA is:


You gotta look beyond face value or beyond the answer you're used to hearing yourself give. Sometimes we slip back into our old patterns or get stuck in a new story, and don’t shift. What I've come to realize, is that with inevitable change, we outgrow old paradigms that don't even fit us anymore. Keep asking the questions.

And if you're gonna start digging deeper, you all know now to take the pickaxe.

Her own quote based on living life coaching work, not just learning it or coaching others:

When you are willing to do the work, you become an unstoppable force. 

She added: Warning: Others may become wary or fearful of you. When they see the organic essence of your power and the true nature of what you are capable of, they can get very scared or insecure. They may come after you with lower-vibratory jabs. Then there are the others who will see your Light and ask, 'What is this Life Coaching again, and where do I sign up?' That is your real tribe. Go hang out with those people."

Ravynn feels like a 'life coaching cheerleader' for all prospective students. She concluded with highlighting this point:

Life coaching IS transformational, and it has a magical way of unlocking the past to decipher your present, so you can get the future you want and deserve. Going through SWIHA’s Life Coaching program helped me change my own life so and bring me closer to peace. This is priceless wisdom, and it is built to share.

And you can do the same!

(Pssst! The online Life Coaching program starts Monday, January 30, 2017!)

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