Giving Food and Love to the Homeless Community

Posted by Brian McKinney on 12/5/14 2:00 AM

It started as an idea, as many businesses do - a spark of heartfelt inspiration. In December 2010, Krysten Aldridge and Ann Cabano hit the streets of downtown Phoenix to find folks in need of a hug and a cup of soup… what they ended up witnessing was way beyond what they expected.

As the two women walked around Phoenix that day, they were amazed by something that they couldn’t quite put their finger on. It was something they never felt before; it was big, it was beautiful, it was tragic. They began to document what they were witnessing on video. People, mostly homeless, approached them and asked what they were doing, asked if they could be part of the video. Krysten and Ann turned the camera and people quickly began to share their stories. The truth they heard from people shifted their perspective. They learned how and why the people wandering the streets of Phoenix were homeless. They learned about their families, their forgotten dreams, their fears. Most importantly, they learned about how these unique souls experienced love. And they knew they couldn’t just sit back and observe through the lens of a camera.

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Loving Yourself, First and Foremost

Posted by Dajon Ferrell on 10/13/14 8:05 AM

We all know how important it is to love ourselves just the way we are. We preach it to our children, family and friends. If a friend comes to us saying they aren’t good enough in some area, we’re the first to try and help them work through that belief. Do we show up for ourselves in the same way though?

Confession Time

As a teacher, I often speak with people who attend my classes about the importance of living in the moment and loving ourselves. I have a beautiful soul family all across the globe and an amazing son, yet I found myself feeling lonely and dejected.

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