Your Questions About Becoming a Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner – Answered!

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In a world where there is so much uncertainty and stress, it is easy to forget the power we still have in managing our own sense of wellbeing. This is why creating a program that is truly holistic in nature has been incredibly important to us! When we treat a fellow human being as already whole, they can connect with the part them that knows what they need—this is how people create lasting change.

By using a self-directed, positive approach to health and wellness, the Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner sets a positive tone that supports your future clients in making lasting behavior change.  Whether is creating a healthier lifestyle, losing weight in conscious way, or learning to manage a health concern, you will be able to holistically hold, support, guide, and empower others to lead healthier lives.

How do I know if this program is right for me?

We believe that your ‘inner-knowing’ has guided you to discover our community of seekers and healers. The Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching program is geared toward individuals passionate about mind-body-spirit health seeking to live a healthful life physically as well as internally, and inspire others to do the same! If you are fascinated by habit-building, how our past affects our inner and outer-lives, and the healing power of thoughts and nutrition – this is a great ft!

What will I learn in the Holistic Nutrition Wellness Practitioner Program?

This program will provide you with a foundation in behavior change, mindfulness, and positive psychology. It is focused on mind-body-spirit connection while being deeply rooted in science. You will master foundational holistic nutrition topics, psychology fundamentals, mindfulness techniques, entrepreneurial business development, professional communications, and marketing. You will choose one of two paths to further enhance your skillset: Natural Foods Culinary Specialist or Mindfulness Facilitator.

What is ‘mind-body-spirit’ health, and how does this program teach me to support it?

man‘Mind-body-spirit’ refers to the complete wellness of an individual—if someone is lacking in health in must be supported! If you’re being pulled toward a more spiritual connection, the Mindfulness one area, the others will inevitably be affected. To live the fullest, most joyful life, the whole system Facilitator would be great path for you within this program; you will learn to lead breathing exercises, write and facilitate guided imagery meditations, and direct your clients through mindfulness activities that support positive behavior change at the root.

Will I only learn about a certain diet in the Holistic Nutrition portion?

While there is an emphasis on the S.O.U.L diet—Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed and Local—you will learn about dietary systems from around the world. You will gain knowledge about unique challenges and health concerns, as well as how nutrition affects overall well-being. If you choose the Whole Foods Culinary Specialist path, you will even learn to build dynamic and exciting menus to cater dinners, fermentation and preservation techniques and food photography!

How do online programs at SWIHA work?

Our online programs give you the flexibility to pursue your passion from anywhere in the world! While you will not be required to log on to class at a set time, you will have a dedicated instructor to contact and classmates to talk with who are learning the same things as you! Your assignments have a due date just like any class, except you have the freedom to work on them and review the lectures as it fits your life. The coursework is a dynamic mix of videos, reading material, discussion topics and interactive presentations.

Who are the instructors for this program?

karenWe’re excited to welcome instructors like Karen Woodmansee and Mimi Gahee to the Health and Wellness Coaching team!  Karen brings years of experience as an educator and a health and wellness coach.  Karen holds her M.S. degree in Kinesiology and Integrative Wellness from Point Loma Nazarene University and comes highly recommended as an educator and is a board certified Health and Wellness Coach by NBHWC.  We are equally thrilled to welcome Mimi McGahee who also holds her law degree from Howard University and has been practicing as a Health and Wellness Coach with a special focus in diabetes management.  Mimi is also a board certified Health and Wellness Coach.  Karen and Mimi are important contributors to the program and will be our primary instructors the Health and Wellness Coaching courses.

Health Coaching is rooted in the belief that each person knows what is best for themselves. Coaches guide people to elicit that intuitive knowledge in a manner that is non-judgmental, compassionate, and done with the utmost respect for the client’s values and belief system. As a NBHWC (National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach)*, I am honored to work with individuals as they travel down their own paths toward self-discovery.” -Karen Woodmansee, SWIHA Online Instructor for the Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching program

*The Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching program aligns with the standards of the NBWHC

Building a business seems intimidating…How will SWIHA help me?

You will gain the tools to create a realistic and complete business plan that is unique to your vision through the Holistic Entrepreneurship and Business Development curriculum included in this program. You will be walked through each step of developing a successful practice, with an emphasis on creating a marketing plan designed to produce immediate and sustainable income.

SWIHA also provides lifetime entrepreneurial support to students and graduates through Our Success Center. You will have access to mentoring sessions, the ability to use our business center if you visit our campus, webinar opportunities and you may even submit your business to be featured on our blog to an audience of over fifty-thousand!

What will I be able to do when I graduate from the Holistic Health and Wellness Program?

handsWe like to say – “anything!” You will develop a business that is unique to your points of passion and personal experiences.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting in front of someone, being of service to their wellbeing; maybe you imagine they are mothers, teens, first responders, hospice patients, or something else. That’s your ‘dream client’ that your education in marketing will help you attract!

How are you in service to them? Maybe you would love to build self-guided coursework, do one-on-one sessions, become a motivational speaker, write a book or even begin a holistic catering service. These are things we’ve seen our graduates do with great success – you could be next!

With all of the uncertainty in the world—is now really a good time to start my own business?

Yes, yes and yes! Holistic Wellness is increasing in both awareness and demand, however it is still a relatively new industry. In 2018, the Holistic Wellness market was growing faster than the average and valued world-wide at $4 trillion.

Many people today are aware and proactive about all aspects of their health, and are willing to invest in lifestyle-based strategies to improve themselves. One reason for this is that we are seeing an aging population who is living longer, yet suffering with chronic conditions that conventional medicine can treat on a physical level; holistic wellness bridges the gap to address the mental and spiritual byproducts or roots of the ailment, which could be things such as shame, poor sleep, a lack of confidence, or anxiety.

This feels like what I’m called to do, yet it seems scary! Is that a common feeling?

lightOur founder, KC Miller, also offers these words: “What if you did whatever was placed in front of you? Understand that when the Divine gives you these downloads, when you get these wild ideas, that is actually your soul saying ‘I’m ready! I’m ready to do what I was placed on earth to do’.

I believe our intuition is actually our soul’s voice. And when we hear our soul, we have two decisions: We do it, not fully knowing all the steps along the way, or we deny our soul’s urging and we will circle and circle and circle until we make a new decision. We will go down the path of feeling disappointed in ourselves, or finally we will take a deep breath and we will step in the unknowing – knowing that we are following our divine spirit path..

What I can tell you is that I didn’t know how to do this [create Southwest Institute of Healing Arts], and I probably wasn’t qualified other than to the Divine. And the Divine said, ‘she’ll be the one that we’ll use…because she’s willing”…Please don’t doubt yourself. If you’re getting those soul messages, go with it. You are qualified!”

I’m ready! How do I learn more? What are my next steps?

Classes begin September 21, 2020 – there’s still time to sign up! Our Admissions Coaches are excited to guide you through every step of the process, from answering your questions to helping you apply for Financial Aid! Email info@swiha.edu or call (888) 504-9106 to schedule a time to speak about your big dream!

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